Bridge Robertson 4010 Question?


I have a Robertson 6010, a great 200W amp. I recently bought a used Robertson 4010 to go with either my center speaker or rear speakers. I dont have the manual for the 4010, but the manual for the 6010 specifically states not to bridge the 6010.

I would like to use the 4010 bridged for the center speaker, but I dont know if I can bridge it. If anyone has a manual for the 4010, I would appreciate letting me know if I can bridge the 4010 and the recommended way?

Thanx, NickM
I was the distributor for the 4010 when it first came out and I was President of Music & Sound Imports. The 4010 as I recall is NOT an amp that can be bridged. It was a pretty good amp in it's day, enjoy it.

Thanx for your reply. I like the 4010, but I've had the 6010 for over a dozen years and it still works and sounds like new. It's truely an incredible amp and much better then the 4010.

I agree that the 6010 is a very nice sounding amp. It is slightly lean sounding but other than that, i love it. I've got a copy of the 4010 manual. If you want, i can make a copy and drop it into the mail. I don't know if it is bridgeable, but i can look it up later tonight. Sean
For those interested, the 4010 is not recommended for bridged operation. Sean
An alternative is to run one channel of the amp. The power supply then has just one channel to "support", even though only one set of output transitors is in play. I think Parasound once advocated this method. Good luck.
My concern is that it would damage the other unused channel. I may give it a try and see how it sounds or I may buy a CC that has biwire input and Y the center channel.

I have to disagree on that point: i found that the 4010 sounds better thqn the 6010. More versatile and goes deeper into the grooves, a little less superficial.

I've only had it for six months, so I might still change my mind though.


I've run both with my Martin Logan Aerius I and the 6010 is far superior in every way.
BTW Robertson products were designed by John Iverson. I used to work for the company responsible for assembling Electro Research Speakers. He was a very interesting man to say the least. Robertson amps and preamps were assembled in Asia I believe. Take good care of it; the modules are no longer available as far as I know.
Hi All,

Anyone have a service manual or schematics for the 4010 or the 6010? 

Anyone have definitive info that John Iverson designed both amps?

Please be in touch.