"Bridge Over Trouble Water" sounds artificial

During the pandemic I've been upgrading my sound system.  I used to enjoy Simon & Garfunkel, "Bridge Over Trouble Water".  With my upgraded equipment the hi resolution audio sounds very synthetic, with one track on top of another, not like real music at all.  The voices are doubled and violins just layered on top.  On my same system, I played a live concert of Andre Previn playing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue".  It sounded real and beautiful, like a live performance.  Am I doing something wrong?
Check another recording of the same song. This happens to me all the time. It’s all these remasters. They add stuff you’ve never heard before to give it that “master” tag. It sounds horrible. Drive me batty i tell ya 
Those two recordings are apples and oranges. 

All recordings are produced differently. If that is what you are hearing it is probably an indicator that your hifi is delivering what is in the recording better than before. 

Recordings are what they are not want the listener thinks they should be. Important to realize that and not fall into the endless trap of thinking a good hifi can make all recordings sound the way you think they should. Otherwise you end up on the hifi merry go round with no chance of ever getting off.
On the other hand, most of Paul Simon's solo releases sound quite nice on CD.  
I had the same reaction--system got better and S&G got worse.  The same is true for some Who albums.  I was expecting access to the natural voices of S&G but they were processed and the instrumentation seemed disconnected from the vocal tracks. 

The solo work of Simon and Garfunkel have better sonics, of what I've heard.

A good anti-dote is the new Sarah Jarosz --World on the  Ground.  The sound you wish S&G engineers delivered.
...'course, there Is the fact that a few decades have transpired since the originals and all the various remasters, compilations, etc.

Studio has improved, your equipment ditto.  Meanwhile, your 'on board listening system' has likely deteriorated a bit....if you'd care to be honest about it....

Mine has....it kinda comes with the 'territory'....a.k.a age. ;)