Bridge NAD 4225 and NAD 2100?

Hi I have just purchased an NAD 2100 from someone on this board and currently own an NAD 4225 I would like to bridge the two. Is this possible? Advisable? I do not have any manuals for either piece.

Can anyone help?

Thanks for reading.

The NAD 4225 is a tuner ONLY. There is NO power output from it, so no it can't be bridged.

The NAD 2100 has a bridge/mono switch on the back, so it can be made a single mono amp.
Thank you.

Can it be used as a pre-amp?
Read through this to get a basic idea of the different home stereo components.After you get a basic grasp on the subject,do some more research.Knowledge is your best friend.Good luck.
TX for your help.

I read the article and now I think I have my terms straight, bridging was not correct.

I am still not clear if I can use the NAD 4225 as a preamp and connect to the 2100 or if it is even advisable. I am driving a pair of Klipsch KL:F 10s.

Thanks again for your response.

Mc,the 4225 is a tuner not a preamp.Do some more research.