Brickwall surge supressor/ conditioner

Does anyone know anything about this product? I am replacing an older panamax 1500 with one. Thanks
It is a 'brick wall' protection against surges but do not expect it to be much of a line conditioner.

Well, would you go with , say a Richard Grey after the Brickwall unit? or something a little less expensive , or one that does both? And thanks for the answer.
You can combine the BrickWall with a conditioner as long as you can confirm they are compatible. There are combination units all over the lot.

FWIW, living in an area prone to lightning strikes, I use a BrickWall surge suppressor as the first line of defense, and an EquiTech 1.5Q connected to it. The combo is fabulous.
BTW, I also have a number of other BrickWall units for the computer and other audio systems and TVs around the house; BrickWall gives a good price discount if you buy multiple units. Overly cautious --perhaps, but when a neighbor had a direct hit and fried her TV, I decided to do what I could. Regards, Jim

You should also have a whole-house surge protector at your breaker box if you live in an area prone to lightning.

Yes, I live in Oklahoma. Home of Tornado ally. We have hade a few strikes so far. I have been using a Panamax 1500 , but looking for somthing better and not so pretty.
"Somthing better and not so pretty?"

Well, the Furman units come highly recommended (by others) and I find them pretty ugly.

I will put it behind the equiptment this time. The Panamax looks nice sitting on the rack shelf, but I would rather spend the money on a product that works good rather than one that looks nice on the rack. Personal opinion.
Furman does have a CE line that is much better looking than the Pro-Line gear.