Brick or Carpet?

For those of you that think that elevating speaker cable off of the floor is a good idea (as I think I do) --

if that is not possible, which would be preferable, running the speaker cables along brick, or along carpet? Or are they about equally bad? Your thoughts most appreciated.

Brick is preferable.
This would be what I expect. Any thoughts on the reasoning? If the cable lifters that you can buy are made of ceramic, that is pretty similar to brick. Of course the goal is to have the cable suspended for the most part, but if I run along brick will it really degrade sound quality? I have tried some A/Bing here, and I'm not sure what I am hearing, if anything....
If you can use brick you should be able to use Telephone Pole insulators..I use the ones with the groove built in and they work great and are cheap..I see them at Flee Markets,Garage sale,Antique shops..As cheap as $2 each for the small size...I you need pictures e-mail me off line and I can send e-mail you some............
The reasoning is brick and other similar solid materials are less prone to static electricity and other electrical or magnetic disturbances than carpet.
Telephone pole insulators are the way to go. They work. It leaves you to decide on creative ways to mount them. Of course the WAF comes into play, so just don't go screwing them into the drywall studs for the telephone pole affect.
Hey guys, thanks for the info (Mapman) and the recommendations. I'm not using bricks to elevate my cables, I'm running the cable along a brick hearth (actully under the edge of it so it is pretty hidden. High WAF! The issue is sound quality taking a hit. The other option is along the floor, on a synthetic carpet. That clearly NOT the way to go.