Bricasti Model 1 Series II DAC

This DAC seems pretty interesting from both an analogue as well as digital conversion point of view:

I currently own a highly modded DirectStream MKI DAC, but this DAC I really want.... MSRP is around $12K....

Any opinions on this DAC?


Yup, new chassis to include the larger power supplies and electronics.  Pretty amazing that they continue such a robust upgrade path. Shows a great deal of allegiance to their customer base.

The lower frequencies are probably more defined and cleaner.  I hate to say this but if I had to make a kind of crude statement the lower frequencies are there just maybe cleaner maybe less muddy if that makes sense.   Just to be clear I really loved my M1se but the M1 series 2 is better everywhere for sure without being a problem anywhere.  

Great feedback.  Thank you.  

Are you folks (who upgraded from M1SE) finding that the sound continues to improve as you rack up more hours on it?

barrel chief,

Rumor on the street is 500 hours before you do any critical listen. There is a review on 10audio. 

I sure don't have 500 hrs on it, but that would be super if there's a continued improvement.  I do agree that the low end would seem well defined, deeper and present.  Listening to Adrian Sherwood productions are better than ever with superior bass and rhythmic drive.