Bricasti M3 vs. Holo Audio May vs. PS Audio DS

I don’t have any experience with DACs.  This is for streaming only.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

How does the M3 compare to the M21?  

On the M21, do you prefer the R2R section?
@ jayrossi13, I purchased the Bricasti M21 DAC and it is truly excellent.   The M21 DAC is used in my main audio system and the Bricasti M3 DAC is used in my 2-channel home theatre system.   Both DAC's are truly excellent but the M21 DAC is the best of the best (IMHO). 

I use the laddered DAC option and use an AES/EBU cable from my Aurender N20 Music Server to the DAC.   I also have an USB Cable connected but rarely use it.  

I am very satisfied with the sound quality of this system and so are my friends that have heard it.  I also installed the Bricasti MDx digital in the M21 DAC and the sound quality improved.   The MDx board is an outstanding upgrade and is HIGHLY recommended.   The Bricasti M21 DAC is truly an outstanding DAC and is highly recommended.  I hope this helps,     

You considered the MSB which is twice the cost of what you bought? I can assure you have listened to both the MSB is twice as good as the M3...Unless you prefer bright sounding gear. 
@jc51373 I own the Bricasti M1 and have listened to the M3 many times and it has NEVER sounded bright just accurate and musical.
Accurate= note musical