Bricasti M3 vs DCS Bartok

Hello All,

I am considering both models and would greatly appreciate some input. I have read that the Bricasti M3 is an outstanding value, however, can it compete with the DCS Bartok? I know the Bartok is about twice the cost. How much of an incremental difference is there between the M3 & DCS (essentially, will your jaw drop when you move from the M3 to the DCS?) I will be utilizing a Luxman integrated L509X in this setup.


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I agree with ianb52. I borrowed a Bartok for a home dem for a week, but knew within a few minutes that I couldn’t live with it. The sound was very detailed and in some ways quite realistic, but just lacked dynamics, colour and musicality. I found it - like so much high end audio - completely unengaging. I preferred the Mytek Manhattan II I had at the time, and ended up buying a Nagra, which I find superior to both.

Haven’t heard the Bricasti, unfortunately, so can’t comment on how it might compare.