Bricasti M3 vs DCS Bartok

Hello All,

I am considering both models and would greatly appreciate some input. I have read that the Bricasti M3 is an outstanding value, however, can it compete with the DCS Bartok? I know the Bartok is about twice the cost. How much of an incremental difference is there between the M3 & DCS (essentially, will your jaw drop when you move from the M3 to the DCS?) I will be utilizing a Luxman integrated L509X in this setup.


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I only have experience with Bricasti's studio reverbs, but I did not really like the Bartok. I think maybe it didn't jive with my Shunyata power system or my Prion4 headphone cable. It's like Transparent Audio is mandatory with DCS or it is too harsh.

At any rate, it was detailed, awesome at DSD, but had a very digital quality, an overbearing/uncompromising harshness,  and didn't have a lot bounce or microdynamics. I also discovered that their network streaming solution is not as perfect as they claim and responded to fancy ethernet cables, good quality Innuos Zenith server, and an EtherRegen. At times I preferred USB, but the lesson learned was that fiber optic and I2S sound the best, and the Bartok doesn't do them. 

Its a good DAC and streamer, but maybe not commensurate with the price.