Bricasti M3 In the house

Just got a Bricasti M3 with the Ethernet renderer module. Looking forward to breaking this piece in. First impressions are: it’s a winner. I am curious what ways folks who have this DAC (or other Bricasti models) run it; over ethernet or USB? I will report my findings as the days tick by; Right now it’s cooking on ethernet out of my InnuOs Zenith MKIII into an ether-regen into the M3;
I’ve had an M3 for a month plus, but since I’ve been doing an acoustic treatment redo of the room to something more permanent —and better— I can’t quite respond about the unit just yet... But since wanting to use the M3 direct for certain listening, as well as through a preamp, the remote was a must for me. And its a nice one! I can’t stand cheap remotes at some of these price points we play within. 
Do you guys use the volume control on M3 or M1? I use integrated amp's volume but wonder if the Bricasti would sound better directly into a power amp.
@mrkoven i have run the m3 direct to both a luxman m900u and pass labs x350.8; it’s quite good. The only Linestage preamp I have on hand is the exceptional Luxman c900u; When I have the c900 in the chain ( setting the m3 to ‘0’ puts the volume ctrl into bypass mode) I hear expanded soundstage, slightly fuller sound, more depth and a touch more liquidity; the c900 is a masterpiece preamp though and at msrp 15k it better bring something to the table

It was not easy, but I finally placed my SimAudio 700i integrated amp in bypass mode. It was not an easy process.

I am using the volume control on the Bricasti M21 DAC to control the volume. The sound is good but NOT light-years better than using the preamp. My ’gut reaction’ is it might not be as clear. The music does not seem as smooth. The Preamp might add more air. I am still doing more listening. Please stay tuned.

So, an hour later, as I stated above, when going direct, I felt the music was missing something. The music was not as open or engaging when going direct to my SimAudio amplifier. The music felt more closed in.

I switched back to preamp mode and everything was sounding right. The air and engaging factor were returned. The music sounded much better.

For my application, and setup, I believe the preamp is needed to help the music sound natural, clearer and engaging. My experiment is done, and I am keeping my SimAudio 700i integrated amp. Case closed.

I know that other people prefer going direct from a DAC to a power amplifier. Based on my audition, my decision is dependent on my equipment, my environment and how I listen to music. There is no right or wrong answer since it just depends on the individual.

So, the bottom line is you have to test Going from the DAC to your power amp in your system and then decide.  I prefer using a preamp for the best quality sound.  To me, the sound is flat, lifeless without a good preamp.  In my system, the preamp overall sound is dynamic, engaging, clearer, smoother and fuller. 

Please test and post your results. Everyone has different results and opinions on going direct to an amp using a preamp. 

@hgeifman just curious why you bought the M21 if you are using your intergrated? Isn’t the M21 like 16K? Wouldn’t it have been a better option to either get the Bricasti M1SE or M3? Curious minds would like to know and yes it’s been my experience a preamp brings something to the equation, I’ve always preferred not using a DAC straight into amps myself. Others like it straight in, no right or wrong way to do it.