Bricasti M3 In the house

Just got a Bricasti M3 with the Ethernet renderer module. Looking forward to breaking this piece in. First impressions are: it’s a winner. I am curious what ways folks who have this DAC (or other Bricasti models) run it; over ethernet or USB? I will report my findings as the days tick by; Right now it’s cooking on ethernet out of my InnuOs Zenith MKIII into an ether-regen into the M3;
@dpac996... have you tried bypassing your preamp and running direct thru your amp, given the analog volume control?

I sold my preamp (Aesthetix Calypso Sig.) after I tried running my DAC with analog volume control direct to my amp.
Hi @pdreher I did try that (running direct) and it is excellent— very transparent and such but I prefer the body and tone better using my Luxman C900u; I might revisit this experiment a few more times with other XLR cables though; I have had experience with the C900 since late last year and have grown to really love this preamp; I find it faultless in the service of the music. The C900 has the additional and magnificent feature of tone control which expands the enjoyment factor across otherwise flat and nasty recording balances that exist. After having this I can’t live without it; 

Skerdi; I love the M3; it’s fabulous; I’ve had some pieces since 2006,btw; in my main rig I’ve been on a quest to keep what I find favor with. I believe this dac is a game changer for what can be had for the ask. Cheers all!

I few weeks ago I switched from the minimum phase filter to linear phase; It definitely did something; hard to describe but on most material I prefer the linear phase; overall just presents as slightly more organic and pure, the diff of which is most noticeable in the mids. 
Owners of M1 or m3 please let us know your experience if you played around with the filters.

Listening lately has mostly been hifi streams from Tidal or Qobuz; Roon Radio seems to be growing into a better DJ; Lovin it! I can’t say enough about the performance boost of running Roon core in Rock; with digital sounding like this, I have given up on my desire to build an analog front end. Have a nice day!
I just upgraded my M3 by replacing the digital board with the MDx board.  $720.00 shipped to my home from Bricasti.  A noticeable improvement and a great upgrade if your M3 doesn’t already have it installed when purchased new.
A 20 minute board swap out and as I said, a noticeable improvement in sound stage, clarity, and in the midrange.
@sfseay that's great it was so easy! Mine came with the MDX hardware so it's the only starting point I have experience with; The dealer stated M3 with the MDX digital board surpassed the M1 w/o the MDX; Now maybe someday I might try the latest M1, but i'm pretty darned pleased with the M3.