Anyone have any hands on experience with this DAC.....?
Musicmann 1, we have the new M3 on display and it is absolutely fanatsic sounding,

The soundstage is very deep as well as wide, the tonality is neutral with a bit of warmth, not sterile nor bright, overall resolution is superb.

We have not yet tried the headphone amp stage, we have tried it directly to a power amp and that too sounded great.

Please feel free to reach out to us.

Dave and Troy

@musicmann1, we have first hand experience with the Bricasti M3 as well as all the Bricasti DACs.

In addition to what audiotroy has already mentioned, the build quality and fit and finish is also fantastic!

There is also a network option to turn the M3 into a network player/streamer/roon endpoint.  This is a really nice feature.  The M3 also has an analog volume control and can be ran directly into your amp if you only play digital.  (Another nice way to simplify your system and save cost on extra components and cabling.)

Audio Archon - Bricasti dealer
In the streamer configuration, does it rely on a computer on Network to stream?  I understand it would need a PC running ROON core.

can the streamer option be fitted later or is it factory order w initial unit ?

Hello tomic601, in streamer configuration the M3 can be run with a phone/tablet software such as MConnect Player and used like a remote control.  No computer required.

However, if you wish to run need Roon Core.  There is really no way getting around it.  It's not a limitation of the M3, just a requirement of Roon.

The network (streamer) option can be added later.

Good questions - thanks!

Audio Archon - Bricasti dealer
Thanks gentlemen for responding. So is it safe to say the M3 is virtually a  more economical M 1 with a very similar sonic signature, or does it lean slightly more warm or cool, than the M 1 ?
I’ve had the M3 for awhile now. To me it sounds amazing, but I hear it everyday! My buddy came to hear it a few weeks ago and he’s a vinyl guy. He would be the first one to hear it. So I throw on Love Over Gold by Dire Straits. No words are exchanged but I look over at him and he had this holy crap  huge smile on his face!! Needless to say he was blown away!

System is an Innuos Zen Mk3 running Roon core into the M3 via the network card, then into Ps Audio M700 monoblocks. Speakers are Ascend Acoustics Sierra towers! Have treatments at first reflection points and on rear wall.
Thanks all for the details.

i have ROON core running on one system but want to go minimal phone tablet on another. Is the M3 volume totally in the analog domain ?
@musicmann1 the M3 is sonically similar, but with a slightly warmer presentation than the M1.

Audio Archon - Bricasti Dealer
The reality is that the newer M3 sounds more musical with a slightly less resolving presentation than the more expensive M1. 

The new M3 is one of the most musical dacs we have heard and its feature set is amazing:

1: straight Dac
2: dac with network card
3: dac with analog volume control with remote
4: dac with headphone amplifier.

Out of all of our dacs collection which includes Aqua, Ifi, Lumin, Naim, Light Harmonic, T+A,  the M3 is just a fantastic performer for its price point and unique feature set. 

The T+A DAC 8 is also fantastic but the headphone amp on the Bricasti is better and the M3 can allow for a Roon connection and direct streaming.

Overall we are thrilled that the Bricasti M3 is so good for a reasonable price point for a near reference calibre dac.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Bricasti dealers

+1, Mike from Audio Archon (@audioarchon) and Dave & Troy from Audio Doctor NJ (@audiotroy):

My Bricasti M21 DAC is in my main audio system and it is truly outstanding. It offers both a sigma delta conversion and a ladder DAC. I switched back and forth and decided the ladder DAC sounds the best. I previously owned the Bricasti M1SE DAC and the M21 DAC sounds much better. I was very impressed. My source is the Aurender N10 Music Server.

I ALSO purchased the Bricasti M3 DAC for my 2nd audio system. This audio system sounds more open, more natural, clearer, better bass and I am very happy I purchased the Bricasti M3 DAC. Bricasti equipment is excellent and their customer service is excellent.

@musicmann1, I recommend you audition the Bricasti M3 DAC and their other DAC’s, if possible.
Mike I own the Bricasti M21DAC and just auditioned the Nagra Tube Dac. I think I like the Nagra better as it sounds more natural. I tried the new Nagra HD Dac X and like the Bricasti better. The HD dac was boring sounding and less resolving.
@jwm - thanks for the info and nice DAC!  I really like the M21!

Tube DACs can be magical for sure!  We sell a few (Audio Note UK, Concert Fidelity and Lab12).

Audio Archon - Bricasti Dealer
Not all tube dacs are magical. The Nagra HDX is also a tube dac. I heard the Lampizators too and both don’t impress.
@jwm agree owned a Lampizator for a short time then a Bricasti M1. Sold the Lampi and have always enjoyed my M1

Any thoughts on M3 vs. T+A DAC 8 DSD? I have an Aurender N10 and am about to take the plunge into the streaming world.  These two DACs are on my short list.  Thanks.

Just for  Made in America and built quality my vote goes for the Bricasti M3. 
Ajm we obviously have both of these great dacs, they offer a lot of similar features. 

Both have analog volume controls, both have separate DSD and PCM decoding engines, both have headphone amps.

The Bricasti does sound amazing if you feed the DAC 8 DSD 512 DSD then the Dac 8 will offer superior sound quality, if not the Bricasti will sound better on every other format. 

The T+A is also a bit less expensive $4,500.00 vs $7,500.00 for the comparable Bricasti, if money isn't the issue than go for the Bricasti, if not the DAC 8 DSD is just fantastic for the money.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Bricasti and T+A dealers
Thanks, audiotroy.

I thought the Bricasti M3 goes for $4,995? Which Bricasti goes for $7,500?
Ajm the M3 is $5,500.00  for a stock M3 no options
              add   $   500.00 for headphone amp option
              add   $1,000.00 for network card option
              add   $   500.00 for volume control remote and board upgrade

              That totals $7,500.00 for a fully loaded unit comparable, if you subtracted the network card option as the T+A dac 8 doens't have that option you would be at $6,500.00 for a comparable feature set.

Hope that helps

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Bricasti, and T+A dealers
Ah, got it.  Thanks.  I would only add the remote option, so total of $6,000.  What are you thoughts on the M3 having 2 filter options vs. the T+A having 4?
I own the Bricasti M1 and filter options are NOT subtle but with that being said once you find the filter option you like I very rarely change it.
Wanted to share that I have the M3 in-house for review for the Stereo Times website.  

So far the M3 is offering a superlative rendition of any music I'm auditioning it with.  Besides, the unbelievable build quality that runs through all Bricasti equipment, the M3 is the first DAC that I have had in my system that offers the musicality of NOS DAC chips/ladder DACs with tube based analog conversion sections, plus the speed/overall dynamics and preciseness of Sigma Delta designs.  However, the M3 never sounds
analytical, but retains beautiful musicality and flow.
jimfinn... love over gold conclusively proves that redbook can compete with anything. i think the perceived limitations of redbook are directly the result of poor production. the guys producing the recordings are no different than you and i. many  producers simply have poor taste or don’t care. 
for every love over gold there are literally hundreds of awful recordings. 
Wondering if anyone here has heard the Exasound PlayPoint DM?  If so, how does it compare to the M3?  How is the headphone amp?  It gets pretty great reviews, but haven't seen a lot of talk about it.  Sorry for slightly changing the subject.  The PlayPoint DM and the M3 are the 2 DACS I am interested in, but haven't heard either.
My M3 with ethernet is a big step up from my PS Audio top of line DAC with an Ethernet card. This is also true when using a cd transport via coax or USB, even with relatively modest cables. Yes, the M3 is more expensive but the difference, for me, is totally justifiable price-wise.