Bricasti M3

A new Bricasti dac has been released rather recently. The M3.  I see just a couple of short reviews. Anyone have any info they could share? Like maybe what makes it around $4000 less then the M1 for starters?
I'm interested as well. How does it compare to the M1?

Please see this Bricasti M3 DAC article from the Home Theatre Review:

"If you don’t have $10,000 to drop on a DAC, though, rest easy. Or at least easier. Bricasti just announced the release of its new Model 3--a more affordable solution that nonetheless delivers decoding of PCM up to 384 kHz and DSD128, as well as DoP (DSD over PCM), with fully differential architecture and a balanced analog level control circuit.

More details directly from Bricasti Design:

The Model 3 digital to analog converter offers an incredible array of performance in a more affordable price class. Highlights include two fully differential conversion channels, separate conversion for PCM and native DSD, and a balanced analog level control circuit, making the M3 suitable for all applications. Internally the M3 utilizes two independent linear power supplies for the analog and digital processing to ensure low noise and superior isolation.

The M3 utilizes two independent linear power supplies for the analog and digital processing to ensure low noise and superior isolation. A newly designed chassis made from robust CNC milled aluminum in sections insures superior thermal characteristics, excellent vibrational damping and shielding from RF.

The M3’s digital design employs precision DDS clocking that lowers jitter to extremely low levels, insuring a pure digital signal path without the use of sample rate converters, this combined with superior digital filter design, and Native DSD conversion yields a state-of-the-art digital audio path. The M3’s high speed low distortion analog path features a bypass able preamp class analog level control allowing the M3 to be used to drive the power amps directly, with no bit loss for optimal analog performance.

The M3 comes standard with USB, AES, Toslink and SPDIF interfaces and can be ordered with an optional remote and optional network streamer interface which allows the M3 to become a DNLA UPnP compatible network player. The M3’s player supports sample rates up to 384k PCM and DSD128 as DoP.

Available for immediate delivery. Price is $4,995".

The Bricasti M3 DAC was just released and reviews should be coming shortly. It looks very interesting especially priced at $4,995 and not the higher price of the Bricasti M1SE. Based on the above, it states the M3 can be ordered with an "optional remote and optional network streamer interface". What is the cost for these options?
Would love to hear some opinions if people have gotten an M3 in their systems...
I'd love to hear it too!! Especially because I hear the price is going up very soon!
Are there any end users who bought this new DAC? Your thoughts?
Seems like a nice alternative.
I haven't even been able to find a single review out there.  Weird.
Yeah - such a draught seems hard to explain. Most manufactures seem to seed pre-production models to reviewers such that a new product launch is accompanied by review press.
Not a review, but a little bit of commentary on the sound of the m3:
I receive the M3 with Network module tomorrow!! I loved that they are an American company out of Massachusetts. I'll post my thoughts in a few days. Brian at Bricasti has been great and answered all my questions promptly! If I remember correctly he said it's the best thing they've built. My comparison will only be to an Oppo 203. I'm stoked to say the least!!
Bricasti M3 DAC Upgrade Options:

Network Player Card + $1,000.00
Remote Control + $500.00 

I think the Bricasti M3 DAC headphone option is $800 but this needs to be confirmed. 

No experience with the M3 but I have an M1 and can state that Bricasti is a great company to deal with. They resolved an issue with my M1 incredibly fast and fwiw the M1 is a great DAC.