Bricasti M28 amps who owns then and thoughts?

Not any mention of these amps here, if you have heard them in your own system would like to hear your thoughts.
Just placed my order for them...anxiously waiting.
Will be paired with the Bricasti M1 and Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolutions.
I'll follow up with some feedback once they are installed and have had some time to settle in.
Bricasti president Brian Zolner will be here for demonstrations on Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28 of the M1 DAC and M28 monoblocks. The system will include the new Aurender N10 music server, to arrive later this week - we are the first dealer in the US with it on demonstration.

For those unable to attend, these products will be available for audition shortly.

Brian Walsh
We have them available for audition in Plymouth, Minnesota.
Northwest Suburb of Minneapolis. Paired with the M1 DAC feeding them of course. Truly an amazing combo. Contact us if in the area to arrange a listen. 
I’m sure the M28s sound great, and I’d be curious to hear how they compare to other leading amps at their price point, e.g. Lamm, D’Agonstino, Pass, ... .