Bricasti M1 VS Wadia

Anyone been able to compair a Bricasti M1 with a Wadia 381 or S7i? I noticed the M1 has some updated features one of them a volume control and some new filter options.
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Where did you read about the updates?
I had contact with them and got a pdf file.
Hi Inpieces.

Our shop just received the latest edition of the Bricasti M1. I had sold our demo to a friend/customer in Arizona about a six weeks ago and the replacements we delayed. Well it took about two CD's to recognize that the new filters are just awesome. Sound staging with amazing front to back layering. In a word, WOW. The latest edition has a volume control and a remote is forth coming so you can plug the M1 into your amplifiers. Haven't tried that yet but a customer of mine has and was thrilled.
Might be able to send you a demo to try out. Where are you located?

Hi Jim, if Inpieces is in Texas I would also be interested in hearing the M1. I'm in Fort Worth. Best, Art
Against the Sim Audio 750D the Bricasti is way better, its very powerful and musical. Jim offer seems tempting, thats your chance.


Send me an email and lets talk. Happy to send you one for a demo.