bricasti M1 vs Playback Designs MPD-3

Has anyone compared these two dacs and have commentary ?
Sorry never even heard of the Bricasti M1 so can't comment, but own an MPD-3.

The MPD-3 is supreme on DSD - nothing touches it - it easily bests any PCM from any DAC I have head and believe me I have heard a few. PCM via the PD is another matter - its OK - but a number of other high end DAC's I have heard such as the Ayon, PDX or Killer bested it.

My suggestion is if you only have PCM I would look more towards another DAC than the MPD-3 but if you have or intend to have a significant amount of DSD get the PD.

Of course you should try to hear both in your system but I understand sometimes that's not easy.

Another DAC I would look into is the new Chord QuteHD - to my ears its better than the MPD-3 on PCM and nearly as good on DSD - I am getting a battery power supply built and with that it may even best the PD - we will see.

Not to highjack the thread, but it would also be of interest to add in for consideration the new MSB Analog DAC; base model goes for $7000, but with upgrades and power supply, you can increase that to around $11k. Three killer DACS for around same coin...not sure that the MSB does DSD via usb like the PD MPD3 does....
Stereophile gave the Bricasti MI an 'A' rating for DACs, and gave the PD MPD5 a conditional A rating...
Bricasti is in the process of updating the M1. It now features a new linear power supply and in the upcoming weeks it will support native DSD and higher sampling rates.

I own the M1 and only heard the 2 Playback Designs models at audio shows so I can't comment how they compare.
The Bricasti is very very musical, that is high resolution without any mechanical sound....
Gentlemen please.

I am a bit of a DAC nut having owned many DAC's and heard quite a few more. I also have people over my place, go over to others, and lend my DAC's out so I have a lot of experience with many DAC's in all sorts of different situations.

The fact of the matter is there is no objective truth such as saying DAC A is better than DAC B under all circumstances. On my system, and on systems similar to mine in that they have the same make of speaker, I find the PD via PCM not as good as other DAC's - still good mind you - but some other stuff is better. But by DSD, everyone who heard it, and this is unusual, normally there is dissent, the PD was clearly and obviously better. But when I lent it to someone I know who has an entirely different system he was less impressed - he thought DSD better but has a Mark Levinson DAC he thought better. Another guy I know who has the MPD-5 borrowed one of the DAC's I thought better on PCM - my PDX - and on his system preferred the PD even via PCM.

I post what I hear on my system with myself and others but it is vitally important to check it out on yours - vitally important.