Bricasti M1 owners- have you found a power cord that you love?

Wondering if anyone that has the M1 has found that a power cord makes an appreciable difference and if so, what cord have you found that you think is fabulous with the M1? 
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Zavato,  I tried the Silent Source Music Ref.,  the High Fidelity ultimate,  but much preferred, in my system, the CH Acoustic  x20. 

A bit late to the game but I'm loving the High Fidelity Cables Reveal Power Cord.  It uses magnetic conductors.  If you like putity and tone it is a great cable.
I’ve got a latest model Bricasti  M3;
found excellent synergy with Audience AU24se-HP. Like they were made for one another!!

Tried these extensively:
Triode Wire Labs Digital
Triode Wire Labs Statement
Shunyata NRC10
Nordost Brahma
Nordost Valhalla 1( turns out this is an unbelievably good power cable for my preamp)
Good Luck!