Bricasti Design M1 SE - W/ LAN Network Streamer - Version 1.51 V. Denafrips Terminator

I am stumbling along trying to put together a digital streaming system. Have a tidal account and stream through a Farad Power Supply, Roon Nucleus and a AudioQuest Dragon Fly Red,  into a Pass Labs XP 30 Line Stage Preamp, Pass Labs Class A mono blocs, Klipsch LaScala. Considering Bricasti Design M1 SE - Includes LAN Network Streamer - Latest Clock Upgrade Version 1.51 or Denafrips Terminator R2R DAC. My budget is under $10K and I like to buy used. Would appreciate the Forum's assistance in evaluating these components, how they would would work with the Roon Nucleus and what other components would be necessary or desired. I don't expect to use the Dragon Fly. It was used as a cheap way to get started.  My system is currently fully balanced.

Just get any DAC you want that takes USB and connect to the Nucleus you don't need a network streamer. If you're planning on getting rid of the Nucleus then you would need one. If you want to move the Nucleus all you need is a roon bridge to connect to any DAC you're interested in.
@thinman2  I have not heard the Denafrips but I have the latest Bricasti M3 with Ethernet bridge; I recently setup a Roon Rock on top 8th gen i7 NUC following Roon recommendations for every component; I love it. The Rock cost about 750 bucks all in; displaced my former InnuOs Zenith Mkiii; if you are using a DAC with UsB unfortunately you need to spend a good deal to get best audio performance, so in that case InnuOs or similar quality. I can’t recommend strongly enough just going with Ethernet renderer based dacs; Bricasti is a great US company and has excellent dealer and support network should u ever need anything. 
Good luck!
MSB was left out because they don’t have an all in one network streamer - potential degradation of signal with digital interconnect. 
Cheesebert they sure do. My former msb discrete had an Ethernet renderer.
@dpac996, did you happen to compare the M3 with the M1SE?

The M3 + LAN streamer looks to be priced similarly to what a used M1SE with the streamer installed goes for.   I'm curious how the two compare sound wise...