Bricasti DAC owners- help!

I have an M1 with the MDX board

A weird glitch manifested today-

from time to time when pushing a button on the remote control, the DAC will shut down for a few seconds and then turn back on. It appears to be random- it could happen when pushing status, input, level, filter, up or down arrows and that covers all the buttons! 
Anyone ever experience this oddball behavior? If so, what did you need to do to return your dac to good health? I’ve sent a note to Joe and at this point I’m assuming a trip to MA will be needed. 
Thanks all- 
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I'll try that. What does Trigo HIGH mean? 

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didn't help- seems even more unstable now
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Thank you! Unplug and replug didn’t help 
Maybe the remote requires new batteries?
I am very pleased to report that with the gracious assistance of Brian at Bricasti, my M1 seems to be restored to good health. Somehow, one setting got knocked off kilter, and Brian confirmed that could result in odd behavior. He guided me through restoring the proper settings. Yet again, another indication of what a solid team they have in Shirley MA.
@zavato just curious what setting you had to change to fix this?  Or what's the steps to trigger the restoring process...
One of the settings in the status menu was wrong-

proper function was restored by scrolling to status to CtlREMOT

It had been on CtlTRIGO

no idea how it got that way 
@zavato I was playing with that and noticed similar symptom when I changed to CtlTRIGO... i think it has something to do with that option being on but there is nothing plugged into the 12v trigger jack in the back.  The unit would immediately turn itself off after you turn it on.  The way I solved it is to press and hold the power button from standby mode.  By doing that the option was restired back to CtlREMOT.  Never touch that option again afterwards.