Brian Wilson/Jeff Beck

The Atlanta paper announced an October appearance from a Fall tour by Brian Wilson and Jeff Beck as headliners. Am I just an old curmudgeon or are those two audiences completely different? I think of the Beach Boys' audience as preppy middle aged women singing "Help Me Rhonda" in three part harmony. The Jeff Beck fan is the introverted male worshiping the altar of the guitar gods. Don't get me wrong- I like them both, but the combination is kind of like mixing scotch and cotton candy.
That's how marketing is done these days. You appeal to two diverse audiences, it sells the most seats. The promoter doesn't care if you are coming to see one or the other, they don't care about maximizing your happiness, all they care about is maximizing ticket sales.
Brian Wilson is not the Beach Boys. I also imagine that Jeff Beck is a real big Brian Wilson fan.
Yeah, odd for sure simply because one should not really be opening for the other IMO. Though, many top flight guys like Jeff Beck do profess a love for Wilson's song writing. BTW, if you guys have not seen Jeff Beck's "Live at Ronnie Scott's," it is SICK I tell you. The CD is equally awesome, though the hi-hats are recorded too hot.
I saw Uriah Heep with Dan Hicks & his Hot Licks opening in the 70s.So not really surprising.
Jimi Hendrix opening for the Monkees
As the O'Jays said, Money money money money, MONEY!!!!!
I'd pay to see that show (Brian and Jeff)--but I probably wouldn't pay as much as they're asking. Ticket prices have gone through the roof.
Point well taken about the mutual respect between Wilson and Beck. I have seen both separately. I saw the Beach Boys about five years ago and it was lip synch city. Brian Wilson stepped away from the mike to grab a couple of girls from the audience on stage to dance and his vocals just kept coming. On the other hand, there were no shenanigans at the Beck show. Like Clapton or Santana, Jeff Beck has one of those iconic guitar tones that undeniably separates him from the rest of the guitar world.
I think this would be an awesome concert to see. Agree with Onhwy61, Brian Wilson is a god to many musicians not only for his songwriting but for his musical genius for harmony. The guy is in his own world musically but musicians take notice of his original and ingenious talent. Same for Beck on his extraordinary talent as a musician's musician.
This might be more interesting and integrated than it first appears. I've read that Brian Wilson is recording new music, some if it involving a mix of vocal harmonies and Beck's guitar. As a fan of both artists, this sounds intriguing to me --- and both of these guys have shown they're still very much alive and capable of making great new music. My hope (and hunch) is that these joint shows will include sets from each and some on stage collaboration. I've also heard that Beck will be doing some guitar work with Brian on some of his favorite Beachboys tunes -- hard to really imagine that, but it has potential .....
Does anyone know if they're playing Denver or anywhere nearby?
Jeff Beck has worked with vocalists such as Stevie Wonder ("Talking Book") and always had a singer in his early bands (notably, Rod Stewart in the original Jeff Beck Group). He should have no problem jamming with Brian.
Hey, in 1964 I saw the Beach Boys.....opening act: a fledgling Brit band named the Who.........
I'll be going so i'll let you know

yeah, the Beach Boys, like the Stones, had great opening acts.
I saw Chad & Jeremy, Lovin' Spoonful, Buffalo Springfield, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Buckinghams and Casinos open for them (three different shows).
The following is a YouTube clip of Jeff Beck playing both 1) a Beach Boys tune and 2) a tune from a Brian Wilson solo album. This should satisfy any doubts that the album will be magical!