Brian Eno

Anyone familiar with the re-mastered editions of all of the old cd's???
who did the work? Sound quality???
I bought Here Come the Warm Jets recently. Not bad, and perhaps it sounds a little better than the original. I recall the original not being a great recording to begin with, it depended on at which studio the various tracks were recorded.
I have the whole set of the Eno remasters.

They are done using the DSD process but are NOT SACD's.

They are a marked improvement on the original CD's.
I've also got Warm Jets. It sounds pretty good. I lost (read stolen) my original copy so I can't compare, but I don't recall that the original CD sounded very good at all.
Question: Why remaster with DSD and not release it as an SACD?
Thank you all for the input.
Looks like I'll have to upgrade the whole lot,
there must b a dozen or so discs....
Warm Jets was (to my ears) the worst of the bunch and none of the cd's appeared as nice as the original vinyl editions.
His name escapes me, but the guy up in Portland Maine who re-mastered all of the old Roxy Music stuff did a superb job, there's just no comparison at all with the original batch on cd.... maybe wishful thinking, I was hoping for a similar improvement with Brian's music on EG and Opal.
Again many thanks!
Qdraw there are a dozen discs they were realised in batches of 4 in terms of themes,Songs,Ambient and Film Music.
The Song disc series remasters are excellent.

More detail, particularly low passages are brought up in the mix more comparable to the vinyl versions. The quiet passages no longer get buried like say in a car environment.

I have Japanese vinyl of Eno from the early 80's that truly shows off this material.