Brian Cheney

From Audiocircle quote:

Hello Everyone,

I am Brian's daughter, Terra Cheney, I was very very close with my father, and I want to thank you all for all the years of support in my father's business and thank you for all your loyalty to his products. I very much appreciate all of the condolences. As a favor, I'm asking anyone who knew Brian and happen to have pictures of him (especially with speakers) would be willing to email them to me for his memorial service, I am setting up a slideshow for it and I would love to have pictures of him that are VMPS related (or any pictures at that, since he didn't like taking pictures very much). Thanks again everyone, never forget VMPS Audio.

Wow, I did not know about Brian Cheney. Never heard or owned his speakers but read his posts frequently. It's very sad to read his daughter's post. Rest in peace.
I'm providing a link to Audiogon show images. These are mine and I should have the high resolution versions on one of my drives.

Note there are links to other VMPS show dates and venues.

Audiogon should not mind your using these for his memorial. Contact me if you see something you want.

My sincere condolences to you and other family members. Brian was a well known and loved member of the audio community, famous for his passion and quality.

All of us share your sorrow.
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