Breuer Type 8 Tone Arm

Dear Agon member, i am interested in obtaining the Breuer Type 8 tone arm. Can any one share their experience about this arm? Is this arm justify for the high expense? Thank you

Hi, I've owned both the normal 6(?)and 12inch versions. Absolute works of art Swiss precision but extremely delicate and must be handled with care. They have(had) fixed cart headshell holes-made alignment adjust a tad tricky but a truly heavenly sound.
Mine were from the 70's the old boy must be kicking on if he is still producing them.

The head-shell has 'side-skirts' where it connects to the arm tube (for reinforment), which can cause mounting issues with quite a few cart bodies.
Sound is said to be about as 'delicate' as the arm mechanically is (more light mass than medium), also a bit ~ light in the bass, favouring a delicate, refined treble.

Brinkmann (tt's and amps) makes a more current version after the old man (Breuer) had decided to call it a day with his one man show manufacturing.
(Be rather surprising if he is still with us, so I guess -forget about spares...).
Sorry, one more item to note.
The arm came with a bag full of nuts and bolts, and from there on you're on your own to figure what to do with all :-)
So you better be somewhat mechanically minded also...

PS: sorry for the earlier post's typo reinforment = reinforcement
i just bought and installed an 8C. i have a 5C as well, which led me to get the 8C. i did not receive a bag of nuts and bolts with mine. it was quite simple to install. i did have to terminate the loose wires though. as far as the sound goes, it is beautiful. i had a 12" micro seiki max 282 arm that i sold as soon as i installed the 5C. there was no sense in keeping it. it wasn't close to being in the same league as the 5C. the breuers are very musical. tremendous detail is drawn out of the grooves and the sound is effortless and natural. i'm using a benz micro ebony on the 8C and a benz H20 on the 5C. the 8C is on a micro seiki rx1500 and the 5C is on a micro seiki ddx1000,
good luck in your quest.
Thanks for all the quick response. Look like all the comment was positive so far. I was lucky enough to be able to locate a brand new Type8C MkII. The seller bought it new but never get it install. I believe the new head-shell is the flat type without the edge. What about the counter weight, i was told the new arm suppose to come with 2 sets of counter weight. Do any one know the spec for the counter weight? My current TT is maxout Roksan Xerxes20+. Current arm is Artemiz and Shiraz combo. Thought of mount the Breuer to the Roksan.
Thank you
the counterweight is 2 parts that are screwed together. you can sparate it if need be to make a lighter weight & change the arm effective mass. excellent arm. easy to set up but instructions are poor. bass with the right cartridge is excellent.
Hi Dgad, thanks for responding. You have an excellence systems.