Breuer 8c vs. Graham Phantom vs. Scheu Tacco

I currently own a Scheu Tacco arm and think whether it makes sense to change arms when I get my new TW Acustic Raven One in January.
I think about both the Breuer and the Graham, anyone made comparisons?
Florian Hassel
Your question is a tough one to answer.

All though there could very well be someone in the World using a combination of these arms on a single Raven One, keep asking on other forums too.

What I can tell you the Graham Phantom is a dream to work with when it comes to ease of settings.
Beyond that the Phantom works very well on the TW Raven, "your ears would love it".

A forth arm you could add to your list is the 10 or 12 inch Davinci Audio Grand Reference.
This arm could very well replace my Phantom next year.
Dear Florian: I think that for your Ortofon cartridge the Phantom or the Ortofon ones could be a good match, now if you think to mount more than one tonearm then it will depend on your cartridge choices.

Regards and enjoy the music.