Brentworth Type III

I went to a local dealer today and got a chance to listen to these speakers. I thought they sounded great. The imaging and soundstage was very clear and wide. I had to look behind me just to make sure there wasn't any speakers behind me. The vocal on it was a little harsh, but the rep told me they just got them in the week before so they need to be broken in further. I was very impressed that just two little 6.5 drivers can produce such full range of sounds without any crossover. I just want to know if anyone else had the chance to listen to them and what is your opinion?
It has been a few years, but I thought they were great sounding speakers. There wasn't any harshness in what I heard. Wait until they are broken in and go back.

I wonder if the fact you hardly ever see used ones for sale means everyone that buys them is very happy with them, or they just don't sell very many?
The Brentworth Type III was savaged by Art Dudley in Listener a few years ago. Haven't heard it myself, but can't remember a more damning review. You might want to check it out.
I have a pair at my house for 6 months. You are correct it is amazing how much sound can come out of just 2 6 inch drivers. I was thinking of selling them however, if you look at my page I am cleaning house of extra audio. I purchased them as a second pair of speakers for a toy, and thought they might exceed my wilson 6's. In my system I like the wilson's better, however for the price they come dam close and cost a third of the price. If you live in the phila. area you are more than welcome to come and listen to them. There is also some really nice electronics driving them.
I just think they don't sell many pairs since there are only two dealers nationwide, and the one by my house just started to sell them.

Do you know what magazine and issue that report was from?

Do you have the "A" version? I am guessing the one at the dealer is version "B". The rep told me they are so new that Brentworth only have two pairs and they haven't even finish making the packaging for it yet. I was also told that the bass module was not set correctly so Brentworth have to ship them a different one(three weeks wait). So I am going back in three weeks to see if they sound any better.
Art's review was in the Summer 1999 issue (Vol.5, No. 3) of Listener.
They are about 4 yrs old so most likely the earlier model. I do still recommend them. The new ones are either better or just another model that will make our old one's seem less desireable. They are good speakers with a single ended 2a3 or 300b, they are 103 db effiency speakers, not many non horn speakers can claim that. To give you a idea what the difference in sound is compared to wilson 6's. The brentworth's sound with a lp playing like the wilsons with a cd playing. A little thin and lacking bass. But if you want a really revealing speaker with great imaging the brentworth are nice. If I were looking to buy a pair it might be better to get the new ones they are most likely better. If you want to save a few bucks wait for a pair to come up on audiogon, in the last 2 years I have seen 2 pairs and one of the larger model that takes 2 amps sold.
good luck.
Ed Ralff
I haven't heard the type III but I have a pair of the type I's. I'm interested in any feedback on these. I'm thinking about going back to vintage equipment, so these may be for sale if anyone is interested.