Breakthrough Evidence of the Beatle's Genius?

I have written other threads about my journey to discover and more fully appreciate the Beatles.

In a peculiar breakthrough for me, my first born, 7 month old son instantly stopped crying yesterday when I parked his stroller close to one of the monitors in my bedroom system and played Rocky Raccoon and others.

With every noise and voice in the mix, every different instrument, playfully sung wry lyrics, he seemed to turn his head and stare at the speaker, completely fascinated.

This was after a long day where nothing seemed to amuse him. Needless to say, I was very pleased and hope this bodes well for his future as an audiophile.

Has anyone else had success with the Beatles -- or any other particular artists or composers -- with fussy children? How do I keep this going?!?

Best wishes.
Yes, my little girl used to love to sing along with Paul on Hey Jude. She was only about 2 at the time. I guess good taste is in the genes after all. (But then again, she's adopted, so it must be the enviroment).
Hi Cwlondon,

I've sung "Goodnight" from the White Album to my daughter before bedtime ever since she was born.


I also, have had great success with The Beatles. I can't tell you about fussy children, but I still react the same way as your son when listening to Abbey Road. :>)
Maybe the butcher block cover scares them into obedience.
Curiously enough, when I read the title of this post, I expected an analysis of the musical structure of the Beatles' songs, which Leonard Berstein once said reminded him of Baroque music. However that might be, for me the definitive moment in the evolution of the Beatles' music was "Rubber Soul," and in particular "Norwegian Wood," whose tonality seemed to me to resemble a Lydian mode (I have never seen the score). In any case, the tonality of that song, immediately striking to all listeners, was unlike anything that preceded it in rock 'n' roll music, although it must be said that Brian Wilson's compositions for the Beach Boys were also often quite remarkable.
Barry, that's the finest post you have ever submitted to Audiogon.
My son loves singing along to them also, he is now eight, I think it is just simple melody that he can sing along to that keeps him going.

Happy Listening
Our latest addition (1.5 year old Annette-Lucile who is a little orange kitten) has had her own CD since we found her 15 months ago. Not a clue as to why she likes it so much (Dusty Trails), but she runs about the living room making chirping noises while it's playing.

I picked it out for her when she was 3 months old, telling her it was hers, as it was the only chick music (other than George Michaels "Faith") we had on hand.

She also likes a few songs off Rebecca Pidgeon's "The Raven".

The only Beatles recording we own is "Revolver", plus the solo work "All Things Must Pass" and a few Lennon LP's.
Just DON'T play "Helter Skelter". It's reported to have had a rather negative affect on some guy named "Manson".
Be very carful. An audiophile infant will expect his own system in the crib. He may eventually demand the baby bottle nipple be cryogenic processed. And tweeks for all his musical toys.
Is it just me, or do people who talk about their pets as "children" bug you, too??
Looks like you are the only rude dipshit so far. I've raised both.
I use to play a very good air guitar, hold hands with my friends, pass sum nature about and hope the world to be a nicer place. Now I only hope for the world to be a nicer place and have my daughters carry on in peacefull coherence..Music was at their beside from birth and continues now into young adult hood. Rocky Racoon lives in the woods behind my home. I hope future expansion does not force him to move..I've feed Rocky and his family many times on my upper deck..Tom
With both of my sons (ages 9 and 6 now) I use to dance them to sleep in my arms while listening to "And I Love Her" and "If I Fell" almost every night (aaaawwwwww I know!). Now we sit and watch "A Hard Days Night' and "Help" damn near once a week. I'm starting to believe that Beatles' songs/music are somehow part of our DNA. I've been a Beatles fan as long as I can remember. I know I first heard "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" at my aunt's house when I was 4 years old. To this day I've still not heard anyone reveal themselves within their music like John Lennon did. Man, he was special!