Breaking of Furutech's AC connectors...??

Hi dear fellows!Do you know how many hours needs a Furutech AC connector to breaking?I' ve heard something like 150 hours.Is that ok or may be sooner is the breaking time?Any comments will be appreciated.Cheers!Rafael.
A couple of months ago, using new Furutech Gold F-11 connectors, It took me more than 180 hours to break-in my Furrutech Gold connectors. After almost 250 hours, I experienced a much cleaner sound out of them.
put it on fridge and leave it there for a will have to make adaptors for the IEC connector...
I don't think it takes very long, certainly not 150 hours.
A couple of months ago, using new Furutech Gold F-11 connectors, It took me more than 180 hours to break-in my Furrutech Gold connectors. After almost 220 hours, I experienced a much cleaner sound out of them.
Hi Michelzay.I puted the new Furutech FI-11-N1 Gold last week, so they have hardly 20 hours in use.They have gain detail comparing to the first listening.I wonder how much detail and resolution they will get in the next weeks.That why my question about break-in time.I wanted to be sure if they will continue improving in my system.Any other experiences with Furutech connectors will be appreciated.Cheers.Raf
Hello Raf, My experience could be different compared to others. In my case, improvements appeared on frequency edges, details, and sound definition of each instrument, more openness on treble and midrange and more weight on bass.
Chris Vanhaus (vhaudio) suggested perhaps this period of break-in FI-11 might take around 200 hours. In Some sites, some other people mentioned a period of 400 hours and more!!! But I guess this is more likely for Furutech cables than connectors.

Up to ~180 hours, I used a NEMA to IEC adapter with a small ventilator for break-in period. I thought the sound would be perfect but afterward ( >220-250 hours) I heard more refinement, especially on instrument placement on stage, more smooth transition on frequency bands and more treble registers appearing on music.
Hope this would help.
You can't discuss the connectors without mentioning the wire. How can you be sure the connectors are taking so long when it might be the wire? These things are mentioned as if they are independent of the rest of the chain.
Rja.Very clever appreciation.The wire interacts with connectors of course.In my case I use the same old PAD Musaeus wire I`ve been using in my system for a year , so I consider it to have pased the break- in time process, that`s why I asked about the break- in time of connectors.But you are wright, according to what you say these connectors may have different times of break- in depending on the type of wire they are assembled in( metallurgy, if new or used etc)Cheers,Raf
You have fallen prey to the silliness of the hobby. Your bank account should be in lock down before such foolishness puts you in the asylum, and the poor house.
I have FI-11 terminations on all my PC's and I stand by my assertion that those kind of break-in times are ridiculous(200-400 hrs). At least that is my experience.
Hi dear fellows.I respect what Michelzay says about the improvements in sound performances he heard in his audio system within the time( 200 hours later).For me ears and memory toghether can detect so tiny details that possible can`t be mesured by any device.Another important issue is that in some audio systems this tiny things can`t be appreciated so evidently as they are system dependant.So again each person with his audio system may have very differents experiences.So, let`s be open-minded and respect others audiophile`s experiences.At least that is my point of view.Have a nice day!Cheers!Raf
I'm not saying anyone else is wrong or that I am right.
I am only communicating my own experience.

I have been building my own PCs and settled on the Furutech FI-11, both R and G, after experimentation. My cabling is either bulk Neotech (NEP-3200, NEP-3001, NEP-3002) or Furutech (FP-Alpha-3).

I haven't re-terminated any manufacturer's pre-built power cables so no experience with that.
dear fellows, Regarding cables (power, Ic, Speaker) and audio system matching, there is no any objective rules. The sound/quality improvement terms are subjective matters. It is not an exact science and It is all system dependent! Everybody express its own experience and Everything is based on Test-Try.

For FI-11N(G), even after 30-40 hours of break-in time, sound was not bad at all. However, much more improvements began to manifest gradually. In my system, after ~200 hours I heard more details and more dynamic with layered soundstage. at that time, my hesitation between Gold and Rhodium connector was removed! I use Rhodium connectors from Wall to Power conditioners with a great result and then after it is all Gold connectors. I tried Gold-Gold connector, Rhodium-Rhodium, G-R scenario too but I was not pleased with the results. my taste on sound quality parameters could be different compared to others!

As Raf mentioned, results could be different in some other systems depending to source component, pre-amp, amp and their connecting cables.

I look forward to read Raf's experience regarding changed sound parameters from original PAD power cord connectors (I guess it was Wattagte Brass) to Fi-11G. please let us know your impressions...

Rja - What ends did you use with the Alpha 3?

I tried Neotech gold/upocc ends and thought the sound was too warm and mid-rangy for my tastes. I ran them in with a fan for a week or so, then used them for a while. Pretty sure they were run in enough.

I purchased a Neotech rhodium/upocc IEC and will try that along with the gold plug.

Aplogoies to the OP if this is off the mark as to what he was interested in.
Rja.Thanks for clarifying..It's ok.No problem.Just for curiosity.Which are the differences in sound performances between the neotech cables series and the furutech cable using the same FI-11 G connectors?Many thanks for your comments.Raf
Rja, my cables were pre-manufactured with Fi-11R and changed them to Gold.
looking at your cables, there is an interesting article here after, pointing out usage of Furutech (FP-Alpha-3) with Furutech Gold and Rhodium. hope that would be informative.
There are other links on his website (cable reviews) which is very useful and honest.

Hello dear fellows.After 50 hours of listening the FI- 11 N1 gold I noticed many improvements in sound performances:The dark backgound is more evident, modulation in voices appeared, strings sounds not just lke strings but also with the sound of the body of instruments(, double bases etc)Overall speaking is a more relaxed listening, with much more deails and there is a sense of presence in music.So up to now I`m very satisfaid with these connectors.I will write later to tell everybody what other changes I`ll notice in the performace.Hope this helps.Cheers.Raf
Thankyou Rafael0054, sounds like it's better than the Rhodium on your system, yes, I look forward to more of what you have to say, cheers.
I have one PC with rhodium on male end and gold on IEC.
Hi Michelzay, are you useing the Rhodium on your amp?, or the Gold?, is your amp solid state or tube?
which furutech GTX-D puts the vocals further into the room and sound fuller?
Hi Audiolabyrinth, I use Fi-11 Gold on Preamp MC2300 with a great result. I got a Transparent PLMM PC that I changed connectors to Fi-11N1 Gold. This cord is used to feed a Tara Labs PM2 (power conditioner) from the wall. Preamp is connected to this PC with Dynamic Design Lotus Mk3 w/Fi-11N1 Gold (I changed original Rhodium to Gold).

As for Amp, it is a BAT Vk-600SE which needs two Power cords. I use a Transparent PL Super (the old one with Brass connectors!) from Wall to Tesla Powercell 4. I use another Tara labs Ad6 (power conditioner) connected to Powercell 4 via DD mk3 with Fi-11 Rhodium. My amp is connected to this Tara labs Ad6 using two Customer Power Cord Company (CCPC) TopGun. This CCPC ToPGun is an excellent power cord, some criticized it for lack of High Frequencies, but with this setup, I could hear the tiniest detail on HF with an excellent Soundstage and clarity on all frequency ranges also having a strong bass. It all depends to setup. My Cd player is also connected to this Tara Labs Ad6. I use a Dynamic Design Challenger power cord having Fi-11 Gold. My interconnect cables are Audioquest SKY and speaker cables are Audioquest Meteor.

Generally speaking Fi-11 Gold, is more suitable for my system. my second setup is different! I did try Male Rhodium/ IEC Gold and the inverse too, but I ended up to use same Metal for Male/IEC. It depends to power cord materials.

To achieve a pleasant system proper to his/her taste of hearing, One needs to try different configurations with Power conditioners (cascading) and different power cords. It takes a lot of time/effort, however results would certainly be satisfying. Buying a power cord based on reviews is not a reasonable decision, economically speaking and sound quality wise! my taste/experience could be different compared others...

Hi michel, that was a very good post you did and helpful, currently, I have many E-mailing me and posting to me there opinions for very high-current solid state use for GTX-D out lets, for some odd reason, the Rhodium is killing the Gold with responses with this topic, I am doing my best to get a direct answer with my very important question about the mid-range and vocals, sound stage placement in general, LOL!, no one has accomidated this answer period, cheers.
Hi dear fellows.After 100 hours of listening the FI-11-N1 gold connector my system opened up!!It got far better resolution, more depth in soundstage, 2nd voices are clear, the bass is well defined, there is more extention and dinamics.Now I can listen much more info and I realized what I was loosing in my earlier listenings with the same cds.Incredible!!!It is so true how much these connectors improve with the use.In my experience this burning process takes at least 100 hours.There is a big change between the listening of 50hours and this one.I will tell you if I notice further improvements in more hours.But at the moment I am amazed of the performance of tbese connectors. For me they are from another planet hehe!!Cheers!Raf
congrats Rafael0054, keep the reports coming, cheers.
I'm getting both the furutech GTX-D Rhodium and the Gold, I will report my findings after 500 hours of burn-in on the two different versions, cheers.
Hi audiolabyrinth.Thanks for your comment.Your's will be a very interesting post.I will be waiting for it.I'll write further conclusions reaching the 200 hous of use.Cheers!Raf.
Hi Rafael0054, What do you think I should do first?, The Furutech GTX-D Rhodium I am buying from a good friend brand new in sealed box never used or burn-in on a cable burner, The Gold version I am buying from Chris there at vh-audio cooked on his burner for 6 days, which version do I need to install for my modded krell 700cx solid state amp first?, The Rhodium will take atleast 500 and more to burn-in, where as the Gold will only have to take 100 to 200 hours and it is done, I am thinking do the Rhodium first, Chris there at vh-audio gave me a gurantee, that If I wanted to exchange the Gold for Rhodium he would free of charge, However, one of these two outlets will be going on my tube digital, the most important is the amp first, because I will be installing my single pole 30 amp breaker for the amp, so I have to have the best built Recepticle in the world to take spikes over 23 to 25 amps, my amp puts out 6,000 watts total max power!, weighs in at a whopping 180 pounds out of the box!, she is a beast!, tired of flipping the current 20 amp breaker, LOL!, I like to push the volume some times to concert level, He, He, Ha.
Hi Audiolabyrinth.Yes!!! she is a beautiful beast indeed.Congrats!!!I will take Chris proposal.You can try gold first, listen to carefully and if something doesn`t convince you then you can exchange it for a rhodium version.My criteria is that Krell has a lot of resolution by nature, so maybe a gold receptacle could add this velvety character,roundness and musicality.I don`t know which your taste is, but if you want bigger voices, warmness and presence, gold is an excellent option.As an example speaking of AC connectors, I have a Krell kav 300cd and rhodium didn`t work in it, voices sounded restrained, with too much control, any engaging listening at all.It was a collection of details with zero musicality.I put then the gold AC connectors and it works amazingly, bigger voices, depth in soundstage,warmness and accurate detail as well.A friend of mine has a krell MD-10 transport and the same rhodium AC connectors didn`t worked also.Then he installed Gold ones and it sounded beautifully and now he can enjoy long hours of listening jazz with a cup of hot cofee in his hands.So if this criteria of AC connectors applies to receptacle outlets, I would take gold first.In the end your ears will tell what to get.Hope this help!Cheers!Raf
I agree with Rafae10054's suggestion. Sounds like a good plan to me. If you
decided you did not like the gold, I'd be tempted to just keep it for future
use in a different location or on a different piece of equipment.
I'm currently burning in a Furutech GTX-D Rhodium on my Audiodharma
Cable Cooker.
what a wonderful post to me you did Rafael0054, thankyou, you are a first class gentleman.
Hi Lak, please give your impressions when you have the time, we are all in this together my friend, thankyou for your post.
I can break them in few seconds.
Hi audiolabyrinth.Thanks for compliments.I hope my experience could be useful to others Cheers!Raf
hi czarivey.Interesting.How can you break them in a few seconds?Could you be more specific?Cheers.Raf
Thankyou rafael0054, your welcome.
Most likely Czarivey is referring to using a hammer!
He he!I thougbt exactly the sameNot to break in but to break into....." into pieces"Hehe!!!Cheers
Hi dear fellows.After 120 hs of break in the FI 11- N1 gold furutech Ac connectors, I still notice improvements in sound qualities.It seems the sky is the limit for this connectors!!Respect to last week listening , they gained in more depth in soundstage,instruments are more separeted in the scene as in a stage in a living concert, voices are more upfronted so you have more 3d sensation and more real sound.I think this process will take 200 hs as Chris Venhaus of VH Audio suggested and Michelzay of Audiogon says.My suggestion is that if you want to upgrade AC connectors, these ones are an excellent option.I feel like if I upgraded my PAD musaeus for a higher cable in the line.I`m very happy!I will write later when I notice any other improvenments.Cheers!Raf
Thanks Rafael0054 for the feed back, I enjoy your journey for what is possible with Furutech, cheers.
Raf, I'll be using heavy duty wire cutters or
Hi czarivey.Thanks for your good sense of humor!!Now seriously speaking I could assume that you don't believe in these improvements in sound qualities with the use, and if that is the case, it's ok. Everyone is free to think as he case I only believe in what my ears tell me, and with the time passing what I hear is always in changement (for good) fortunately.Cheers!Raf
Raf, Thanks for understanding my humor. :-)
I can't say that I'm not believer, I simply find no time to experiment and AB before and after using same tracks regardless weather it does or doesn't make any differences. I doubt that I'll ever tolerate playing same track to perfect sound by properly breaking-in wires or components. All I want to do when I turn my equipment on is to listen to new music. I als haven't seen studio engineers paying any attention to broken-in wires or equipment as I've been to number of recording studios.
As to fancy tweaks such as cable burners or CD demagnetizers, I look to studio set-ups to verify what necessary or not.
Hi Czarivey.I respect your point of view.Indeed this matter of break-in process is something really audible but context dependent.In a studio record I imagine they use high level cables( may be reference) and if they are no broken in, it is not problematic because they have equalizers to arrange the sound as they like.In a real Hi End system ,no equalizers must be used, you have your system as in a flat position, so wiring works as an equalizer and they change in the burning process, so that`s why a broken in cable, connector etc important to properly evaluate its performance with your system.At least that`s my opinion.Cheers.Raf
Raf, I use recording studio grade XLR wires Mogami Silver that I paid ~$40 for each pair I needed.
Rafael0054, do the furutech products go up in performance and then down, bright to none bright and back again dureing break in?, 24 hrs on this Rhodium GTX-D, the first 19 hrs it blew the Gold out of the water in all aspects of performance, currently it turned a little bright again, may reinstall the Gold, I have a/b the both 4 to 5 times dureing this process thus far useing my tube/solid state hybred headphone amp that is in my cd-player with a real analog volume control on some nice cans to be sure I understand the entire process of burn-in and then the final out come, which some say may take 500 Hours?
I know from past experience with at least 8 different outlets that there can and most likely will be variations in sound during the break in process. Leave the Rhodium GTX-D outlet in and continue to use it.
You might even want to plug a fan into the outlet and run that fan when you are not listening to your system, so it's in use 24/7.
I still have my Rhodium GTX-D outlet on my Audiodharma cable cooker.
Patience is a vertu...
Hi Audiolabyrinth.
In fact, you must be patient. During the break in process there are variations up and down in performance.It is very normal.While break in the furutech gold sometimes it seemed to me that they produced a dark tone with a lack of britghness and detail, I even put spikes under the shelf of the krell kav 300cd to get cleaner sound and few hours later the cleaneless, bright and detail appeared but there was a lack of body so I had to put the spikes off and all was in balance again.So my advice is be patient with both outlets.In some reviews it is said that for burn in outlets you need 300 hours.AC Connectors 200hours.Rhodium needs more time than gold to burn in according to reviews.At the moment I still notice improvements in my gold connectors( not reached the 150 hours yet) and the musicality stayed for good in my system and what is even more interesting the detail gets more accurate and real as well as the depth in soundstage.I`m very happy.Please give us your report about changements in both outlets.Cheers!Raf
Thankyou Lak, I am changing the Rhodium back in the wall, it does seem alot better than the Gold, I believe that outlet's may differ than plugs and IEC's, why?, I do not know?, it seems that most everyone likes the Rhodium when it comes to outlets, and Gold when it comes to plugs and IEC's, Lak, I put the Gold in yesterday because there was a screaming brightness the rhodium was going through that the wife could not stand just walking around in the house, she could hear it all the way from my head phones, I am glad all of you have said that these furutech's go up and down through break-in process, I was very alarmed there for a moment if the Rhodium was to stay bright, the day before on the Rhodium, it was incredible before it turned bright on me, over all, I am amazed of the performance of both the Rhodium and Gold Furutech GTX-D, only 24 hrs into this, I have along ways to go to get 400 to 500 on both outlets .
Audiolabyrinth, what is the gauge of your in wall AC wiring; 12 or 10 gauge? I ask regarding the comment I made in the HFC forum.