Breaking in of CD player?

Bought a Sony ES5400 cdp. Online writeups all talk about need for breaking in. So what do I actually do to accomplish this? In the past I just used the equipment I got right out of the box. What does breakin really entail?
Just play it, thats the only way to break it in.Dont obsess either, it sounds OK right out of the box.
+1 to what Winoguy17 said. Here is the madness I did before. I would connect my CDP to a preamp or integrated I didn't care about and leave it off. I would then rotate in various CDs, SACDs or DVDs each night. An Isotek CD, a Rives Audio CD, classical music, electronic music etc. I would let it play for 12 hours or so a night and turn it off in the morning to give it a rest. I would only listen to it sparingly. After about 250 hours or a month then I would install it into the main system and sit back and listen.

Honestly just sit back listen and play music from your CDP.
Don't stress out over this stuff, just play some tunes.
I am not real knowledgeable in the area of breaking in components but I think speakers are the only piece of audio equipment that really needs break-in time and that is because the speakers themselves need to loosen up because they vibrate to make sound.
Some people like to play a "break-in" CD like the Isotek on repeat for hours on end. That's one way. The other way is just to use and wait a couple of months for everything to sound its best. Keep in mind that there are many people who believe that break-in is a myth and it is our ears that are getting used to the new equipment. IMO, CD players do improve with time, but there's nothing you really need do other than use it. You'll either hear a difference or you won't, depending on your ears and your system. The Sony is a very nice player, so you should be in for some good musical times.
some functions as the unit ages may become unresponsive, intermittent or not functioning at all and that's when you feel the unit breaks in.
The for all the responses...even the tongue in cheek ones.having read them at 1030 pm just getting home from working way too long a day they were practical and in cases a laugh I needed.:-)
Use the break-in track on the XLO Test CD set on repeat for two weeks continuous play. There is really no substitute for breaking in not only the new CD player but everything else in the chain, wires, cables, capacitors, etc.. Simply playing music continuously for two weeks, or two years, just won't be nearly as effective.
So what do I actually do to accomplish this?
Leave it in the box and DON'T play it. After 2000 hours you are good to go.
Just listen to music.

your Sony spinner will require at least 400 hours to break-in. After that benchmark, the sound of the player will really shine.