Breaking in JM Lab Mini Utopia's???

How long does it takes to break in a new pair of JM Lab Mini
Utopia's??? and what is the best way to do this??

Is there a big difference after breaking in???


(1) a couple of hundred hours; (2) play barry white's cd, "the icon is love" on "repeat all" at the highest level your amps can maintain without clipping (i ain't kidding here); and, (3) yes, but not as great a one as might be achieved with mezzo utopias. BTW, has anyone else considered how the utopia line was named? "utopia," after all, has two generally recognized meanings that are close to antonyms: the first definition is "a perfect place"; the second is "an impossibly impractical idealistic theory." so, if we apply these meanings to the jm lab's line, one begins a walk through the series with "a tiny portion of perfection" and moves to "beyond perfection." alternatively, you start with "only slightly impractical" and end with "totally, even insanely, useless." so, which of these.... hold on a minute, i've just figured it out. those crafty french had both meanings in mind. -cfb
Can't speak to the Mini Utopia but my experience with my own Mezzo Utopias is the same as cfb suggests--200 or so hours. The change was clearly apparent, not huge, and all for the better. Transitions became virtually undetectable and the whole sound became more uniform. I'd say don't expect a whole, whole lot.

BTW, anyone who listens, even with the doors shut and earplugs in place, to 200 hours of Barry White deserves whatever horrible things happen to his auditory and vestibular systems. Play anything at all; it doesn't matter. I have a friend who burns in everything by playing the soundtrack from the Wizard of Oz.

But then, he's over the rainbow about lots of things....
Thank you very much for the feedback on the speakers.

My Minis took about 200 hrs. Here's a trick for speeding up the process. Places the two cabinets face-to-face and reverse the speaker connections on just one of he cabinets, putting them 180 degrees out of phase. No you can crank up the power to the speakers with out it getting as loud due to the phase cancellation. If you can send mono, so much the better.