Breaking in cables with FM static

I have read comments that using FM static is a good way to break in cables. I am breaking in some speaker cables, can doing this cause any damage to drivers with the constant static? (Obviously I wouldn't have the volume cranked.)
hmm not sure about damage/potential damage(if played at loudly) but i think you can get the break in effect. just by leaving the equipment on running the fm static/white noise with the volume at zero.

don't worry the experts will provide more and likely better info. ah here they come. :0
The white noise from FM occurring between stations with the muting off contains wide spectrum information that could be used as you suggest.

Reproducing this sound through the amp and speakers is not necessary unless they are the intended components for break in. There is no risk to any equipment other than the amp and speaker. Even then requiring uncomfortably high sound pressure levels.

Many break in discs, such as the one manufactured by Purist Audio contains a variety of tones and noises that accomplish the same results in a more efficient manner.

In any case, it's best to mix music sources in addition to the noise to get the best results.
Brian wants to break in speaker cables, so he's gonna have to put up with some noise alright.
Could build yourself some 4 ohm dummy loads with power resistor networks vs. driving the speakers though.
I had not thought of that Bob, that would work just as well while maintaining peace and quite in the living space.
Why don't you just listen to some music, it will break in the cables and you get to LISTEN TO MUSIC, not static?
To clear a few things up, I am breaking in speaker cables, so the amp must be on. Two, I am not listening to the system 24/7, (I sleep at times); I have read that the white noise can speed the breakin process, so I thought I could do so at night. My concern is, can this constant white noise damage my speakers in any way? I have been running music from the tuner all night.
If volume is reasonable, ie not far above your normal music listening level, no damage will occur as the energy is spread evenly across the audio spectrum w/o transients. So yes, FM white noise is a very efficient way to break in all components downstream from your tuner, incl spkr cables and spkrs when you're away. To lessen the acoustic noise further without having to reduce the volume, wire one of the spkrs out of phase and place the spkrs facing each other: the radiated bass hiss will largely disappear.
The best cable "break-in" device is a cable cooker... There are several out there. Static is OK -- won't hurt the speakers or the amp unless the volume is too loud. I have also found the disks designed for system break-in / demagnetization to be more effective than FM static. My $.02
I agree with Banks. I'm a neophyte but I enjoyed listening to my speaker cables breakin "evolve" by just going about normal listening habits. How else are you gonna know if your investment was worthwhile?

Just a thought