"Breakfast In America"...a lost cause?

I own two copies on vinyl. An original domestic pressing (no bar code) & Simply Vinyl.

These two are basically the same sonically. I find them to be compressed.

Based on my other Supertramp lps, this lp should be very dynamic.

Any thoughts?
I have the domestic pressing and on CD and I think they both sound great.
+1 on CD. Sorry slaw, I can't help with a vinyl comparison. 

I have several copies of this.  IMHO, the MOFI is the best followed by the German pressing, then the UK pressing.  I didn't like the Simply Vinyl copy I have.
I have the MOFI CD; sounds wonderful to me. 
Along the same line:   We always called : "....Quietest Moments."
" Even in the Scratchiest Moments"   Every copy I heard & both copies I own  in vinyl had more pops, clicks & noise from the factory then almost anything else I ever bought.  My wife & I heard the title song on Radio Paradise yesterday and it was so clean we looked at each other and brought up the LP story.  She said, " That sounded cleaner than a Safeway chicken". 
OK, no more cliche's. 
I agree, the album does have a compressed tone to it- especially the drum production. Makes me wonder if that was the sound they were going for? I always feel like there is more potential there for that record. 

From the Dynamic Range Database; first the vinyl,

Supertramp Breakfast In America (Japan) i 1979 14 12 15 lossless Vinyl

Supertramp Breakfast In America [vinyl] i 1979 13 12 15 lossless Vinyl

Some CDs for comparison,

Supertramp Breakfast In America i 1994 13 12 14 lossless CD

Supertramp Breakfast In America - Japan (mini LP)] [SHM-CD] i 2013. 12 11 13 lossless CD

Supertramp Breakfast In America 1995 13 12 14 lossless CD

Supertramp Breakfast In America - [SHM-CD] - Japan i 2011 08 07 12 lossless CD

I´ve always found the american vinyl version and the american cd version pretty awfully compressed.
You might try the A&M Canadian Audiophile Series. I have BIA,EITQM and COTC In this vinyl format and they all sound excellent. They are 1/2 speed mastered from the original analog masters.