break-in time for philips 963sa

just got this player and would appreciate any feedback.
am not crazy about out-of-the box sound especially in dynamic shading and texture. music just not coming across to me compared to what have been using (a much older philips machine). am wondering about how long it takes to break-in
and how much of an improvement I can realistically expect.
its connected via the l-r front channel output for stereo standard cd playback.
I would guess about 400 hours based on my experience with the Philips SACD 1000. Be patient :)
I'd agree to give it a few hundred hours. Probably best to use CDs, SACDs and DVDs too. Out of the box mine sounded really thin, lifeless with little bass. After about 200 hours I modded it with the Black Gate cap and was instantly much happier. Had more warmth, rhythmic drive and much better bass. It's still improving a few weeks later.

Play with the upsampling settings too. I like the 96K setting, but will re-evaluate after more burn in.