Break-in time for BAT VK-300x SE?

For those with the VK-300x (preferably a tube version), how long did it take to fully break-in your unit? Also, how long before you heard substantial progress in sound quality? Fity hours, one hundred hrs, etc.

I recently purchased a new VK-300x SE. So I'm curious what to expect.
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For my vk50se and vk51se it took severeal hundred hours. Like 2-400. It was a big change. ease, liquidity, naturalness...BAT stuff can sound hard and edgey at first. Almost like it's broken-but it's not.

I suspect it's the caps. Leave it on 24x7 playing music for a few weeks. Every 2 or 3 days shut it down completely, full power off. Wait about 15 min and turn it back on back to playing non stop music. Discharging the caps seeems to help speed this up some...

I've heard your int amp, it's a great one 4 sure. Congrats

Thanks for relating your experience. I've given it about 50 hours so far, and it's made great strides compared to its first day. But it stills sound harsh and agressive. Moreover, on some albums instruments have an unrealistic tonality.

But if you're suggesting in the range of two to four hundred hours break in time, then I've still got a long way to go, and hopefully by then those deficiences will become resolved.