Break in period for power conditioners ?

Is there a break in period for power conditioners. I just put a Monster HTS 2000 in my system. Now it sounds thin and bright. Will this change? If there is a break in period, how long is it? Interestingly my TV looks better but my stereo sounds like .... it needs a doctor.
Not aware of a break in period. Bloated bass is sometimes caused by dirty power, so maybe the bass is OK and you need to adjust your speaker placement or other room effects. I personally think the Monsters are good for HT as demonstrated by the TV improvement. I have two Monsters hooked up to 2 different TVs, but I use something better for audio (Vansevers and Blue Circle).
Try plugging the amp directly into the wall and see what you get.
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Although I have not personally observed the breakin phenomena occuring with AC conditioners, I've been told by both a manufacturer & an "authority" (one of their dealers) that breakin does in fact occur with their devices. I've certainly experienced breakin improvements with interconnects & speaker cables, but I haven't noticed this happening in my rig with line conditioners, or even AC cords for that matter. I'm not saying definitively that it does / does not happen; just haven't had the pleasure at my house, but as always YMMV.
There is a break in period for each "individual" outlet as well as the whole unit. I have noticed the same thing when replacing the A/C wall outlets that I use for audio. I own two of the HTS-2000's and from memory think that it took approx. 72 hours (of pumping current through each individual outlet) for the sound to smooth and flesh out, though the sound will improve a bit more with addtional time. On occasion I have plugged either the DAC or transport into a "virgin" plug (one that has not been used before) and the difference in sound was very noticeable. Give it a week and if it still does not sound right, return it.
As with ANY solid state (and tube) electronics, there is always a "break-in" period in which the electrons of the metals in the circuit settle. But I doubt that any break-in period will solve your woes. From what I have seen, an upgraded power cord will serve you better than any conditioner, especially for amps. Unless the manufacturer recommends using a conditioner, then I would steer away from them. Exception: PS Audio. But not for amps. They just demand too much current quickly to have any real positive benefit from a line conditioner.
Yes, I have the HTS5000 and it took some time to break in. In fact I was pissed at what it did to my receiver at first (thin and harsh sound), but it warmed up after aprox. 100hrs.
Thanks guys. Played the system a little tonight. It seems that it may be coming around some. Nowhere near as thin as it was. Still not as warm as it should be but getting there hopefully. At this point more analytical than I'm used too. I'll give a progress report in a couple days. Again thanks for your help
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OK here's the scoop, the skinny, the lowdown, the deal... Power conditioners DO have a break in period. After about 3-4 days, the music sounded as good as it did before. I can't say it sounds better but at least the equipment is warrantied against nasty surges that try to wreek havok on it.
Now as for the chicken blood, it did wreek havok on my cd player. After dipping its "inductors" in the chicken blood it developed a problem in its electronics and has to be sent off to the shop. Therefore I have been without a good cd player for a week, thus the delay in my follow up post. Not to fear though, the true audio God (you know; the one who gave us the music and the ears to listen) has sent Mr Theta Miles to the rescue. He is on his way now and should arrive Wednesday.