Break-in period for JL Audio f112

I searched the archives and searched online, but found nothing. Some people say there isn't much of a change since it's just a sub. Years back I purchased a set of Meadowlark Audio Osprey speakers that had a profound change in the bottom end when they finally broke in. Does this sub have a break-in period, and how long will I wait?
To break in a sub, you not only have to run music into it for several hours, you have to run frequencies and transients with lots of sub-40Hz material.

As to need for break-in, it's the deep subs that have the big half-roll surrounds for long excursions. Why anyone would think they didn't need much break-in is beyond me. When breaking in a full-range speaker it's always the woofers that take the longest.

Subs would take even longer, especially when you add in that only long-excursion 20-40Hz signals are going to move the cone much.

How long have you had the sub, how many hours has it been playing, and how much of this playing time contained an abundance of sub-40Hz input?

Also, how big is your room?
I just hooked it up a couple days ago. Calibration was startling. After the calibration, I put the settings back to where I had them before the calibration, except for the master volume, which I had to put at top dead center to get the same effect as before the cal. Before the cal it was at the 10 o'clock position. In just the first couple days I've had to lower the master volume down to around the 9:30 position. It's been on for around 20 to 25 hours now. My room is approx. 27'x16'
Having to lower the volume over time is a good sign that it's breaking in. It means the sub is producing more volume on less power because the surround has become more flexible and is allowing a larger excursion for the same input level as before.

Sounds like you have a good thing going there.