Break-In is Brutal

Breaking in a power and speaker cable changeup.  Speaker cables have new silver plated connectors (Audioquest 1000s) and I'm using banana sections of binding posts that have never been used before.  Brutal.
Furutech Rhodium connectors are brutal and take well over 5-600 hrs. Currently breaking in the new Fururtech DSS 4.1 speaker cables with furutech rhodium connectors and while at 450 hrs they are sounding very good I believe the changes taking place is from the rhodium connectors rather then the copper cable itself.

The non believers who don't believe in break in or cant hear any changes need to get a more revealing system or pick a new hobby cause your wasting your money in this hobby.
One suspects that connectors would benefit greatly from cryogenic treatment. Most high end cables are cryo’d by the manufacturer. Why not the connectors?
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