Break-in for Resolution Audio Opus 21.

Hiya all Opus 21 owners,

How long does the opus 21 need for break-in? What kind of sonic differences can be expected?

Demo set sounded a lot smoother...esp. on female grit and grain at all. Sibilants were also a lot more realistic...neither over or under emphasized.

Appreciate your input.

I don't own this amp. However, I experienced something similar w/ my tube amps. The amps were great w/the demo drivers (GE) but unlistenable (gritty, flat, harsh) w/the supplied generic Chinese drivers. Upon swapping out the driver tubes, the amps were fantastic. First, though, I would contact the dealer, explain your problem, and see what his advice is.
Give it about 100 hours. It will smooth out over time! Also, I would be curious what amp and pre and speakers and cables you are running. Your setup may not be at the same level as the demo and the rest of your system may be holding it back. Either way, sounds like you have truly heard what the Opus 21 can do and if anything you may want to consider changing other gear to get the most from the player (after it breaks in etc).

I mean the opus 21 cdp. However, I have had the same experience with speakers, amps and preamps. Need some time to smoothen out.

Anyone opus 21 owners in the house?
All cd players need 24/7 for at least a week to 10 days to sound good. (cd on repeat,while connected to pre.)
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input. System and room the was a home demo. Yeah...hope it will smoothen out. Any other areas where there could be improvement?
Please call (or email) Jeff Kalt at Resolution Audio regarding break in times for your Opus 21 CD Player. The web site is Please note new phone number. He is very helpful.