Break In for Pre/Power Amps

I'll soon have my new Pre/Power amps and wonder if I could break them in with connecting the speaker wires to the speakers. I'd like to set the volume to a high level to speed up the process, but wonder if it's a good idea to play them without speakers. Anything wrong with this? Will the Pre/Power amps break in properly?

Having the speakers connected to the amp is a must. You have to have a load on the amp for current to flow through it.

Setting the volume level to high is really of no consiquence in the breakin process. All you will do is generate more heat in the amplifier stressing the transistors unnecessarly.

Put in a disc on repeat or set your tuner to your favorite station set the volume to a normal listening level and you are good to go. Even with the volume set to low during the sleeping hours your are still breaking in your pre/amp at the same rate as you are at a normal listening level.

Here we go again. Why not just listen to the pair and enjoy the process. I don't understand why we want to miss out on the subtle but fascinating changes taking place.