Break in for ICs from CDP

Just refresh me guys. I know the cdp has to be playing and the ICs have to be hooked up to my integrated. I was told, however, my integrated need not be on. I believe that is the deal, but I have brain lock. Also, any tips for IC break in. The manufacturer says these babies will need 250 hours. They told me my integrated need not be on. Just want to check with my fellow audiophools....
thanks in advance, warren :)
I don't see how a cable can break in with out sound from your speakers. Maybe I'm behind the times........
We're talking ICs, not speaker cable. No sound needed. speakers are not part of the equation.
What is the life expectancy of a CDP laser cell for someone to let it run for a whole 250 hours to "break in" a cable?!!!! you will notice a difference after 250 hours because your CDP will be about 1 yr older of average intended use. Make sure to send it for cleaning and adjustment (wait, no, then you won't notice the break in!!!). LOL!!!!!
Your integrated amp does not have to be on. Just play the CD player on continuous repeat using a CD that has a full range of sound. The PAD Burn-In disc works nicely for this, and there are other similar discs available.

What CD player did you end up with?
Tvad, where would I purchase the PAD Burn-In disc?
It's called the Purist Audio System Enhancer Rev.B, and there are dealers on Audiogon who offer it for sale. They also show up discounted and used from time to time.
Wow, $150?! I'll use some busy music. I have never heard of this baby. 250 hours on a laser ain't nut'n...
Music Direct sells the PAD disc for $99 (MSRP $150) It really works.

I'm not certain, but I believe for the cable to carry a proper current, the load end has to be powered up in order to present an impedance to the cable (and to the driver in the CDP) somebody check me on this. If your integrated is a tube unit, you could just pull the power tubes while you break in the ICs, otherwise just turn the volume down if you don't want to break in the power section and speakers.

The PAD system enhancer is completely unlistenable! -- even at moderate levels (it does a great job though) but you will need to leave the house. The good news is so will the cockroaches and mice!
I can remove my KR KT88s and put in something way way less expensive, but why would some say that the integrated does not have to be on? So far this seems to be a coin toss? Also, does keep the volume down all the way keep the tubes just toasty? I'm a new tubeman. Don't have a clue.
Warrenh, what CD player did you purchased to replace the Prima?
Tvad, I'm talking about burning in ICs not a new cdp. I'm confused by your question..

Perhaps Tvad meant what ic's did you buy to replace your previous ones.

02-28-06: Sherod

Perhaps Tvad meant what ic's did you buy to replace your previous ones.
Sherod (Threads | Answers)
No, I meant what CD player did Warrenh buy to replace the Audio Aero Prima he just sold. I know he's been shopping for a replacement.

Ooh, sorry,Tvad. I wasn't aware that Warrenh had gotten another Cdp. I just read where you put your above question post in the CLC thread and you mentioned something about putting the cork back in the bottle, so,well,...
Anyone wanting interconnects or digital cables broken in is welcome to send them to me to be broken in on the MOBIE break-in device I have here. The MOBIE (Maximum Overdrive Break In Engine) puts a 15V 1 kHz square wave through your cables, which has been proven safe for all done so far (check with your cable manufacturer if any question). Your only cost is shipping both ways and one of your best live CDs for each. I will break them in for five days or thirty days, your choice. There's very little in it for me other than the good karma that comes from offering this service to fellow audiophiles and music lovers...
Tvad = off
nsgarch = on

Man, I thought I would get something a little more definitive. I'll have to search the archives, I suppose. thanks guys. peace, warren :)
common sense says music through it

I use a cheap DVD/CDP connected to the back of a TV. I just eliminate the video. I put the IC in the chain and use the Ayre disc (20.00) and put it on repeat. Music Direct is one source if you are interested in the Ayer disc or go to Ayre's website for info.
After a week of constant play I put it in my system to audition. It has worked for me and I am not putting excessive wear on my reference gear. Good luck.
Essentialaudio's offer sounds like the way to go, IMO. You'll put get more quality break-in in less time using a cable burner like the MOBIE or Audiodharma.
You do not need your amp on. As stated above, simply put your CDP on repeat.

The real question is, why the secrecy of what the CDP is? It seems clear to me that TVAD's question was intentionally ignored.
Used Cable said that if you leave the amp off it is only breaking them in one way? anybody on this?

Grant I'm sorry for ignoring you. Perhaps it was thoughtless, looking back, but I just (I didn't want my thread to get off track, either) had to wait for one last bit of very deciding-factor information from three audiophools who know more than I know after some serious listening to some serious players. I'm going with John Tucker's Exemplar 3910. I am very excited as to where my rig is going to go. the Exemplar with a brand spanking new Audio Magic Digital power conditioner, Harmonix Studio Masters and Zu's Varials-- I hope to be highly grooving. New rig, top to bottom ('cept for the power cords and Sistrum stands and Audiopoints)--it's good to be a SET tubeman. 101db can do that to ya! I should be getting delivery pretty soon. I'm psyched.

Brian, thank you for the offer. Mightly generous, but another audiophool beat you to it, with an offer I just couldn't refuse.

Congratulations, Warren. Enjoy.
just came to me. Rather than run an expensive cdp 24/7 for 10 days to get the Zu recommended 200 hours, how about using my tuner on a very busy music station? My ICs going to feel or know the difference?
You are very correct, the old-school method is to set the tuner between stations and play the pink noise. Of course that was before cd players and it didn't make much sense to replay an lp for 200 hours..

Steve, the amp can be off if I am correct?
Tuner on/ amp off = break in?
I say buy the Ayre "Simple but Effacious" CD for like $20 and run your cdp. CDP's are meant to be used, yes? It will break that in too.

Be done with it!

PS - Wait until you have to break the mini digital in, it'll take forever as you know.
I just can't see how something that has no moving parts needs breakin. If you hear any differences, then your ears broke in. A car engine needs breakin, but cables?
Jerry is breaking that baby in for me the past two weeks. This will be the first brand spanking new Audio Magic product that I can play right away. It will be good to go. I'm a little confused. Are you saying that the tuner will not do the job? Must be the cdp?
Thommas that's another thread altogether. The breaking in thing has been beaten to death. Leave my thread
So as I read this thread I wonder why wouldn't I just buy a $39 cdp or bluray and play copy of the Vandersteen calibration disc or any set up disk. Another thought was to get a cheap used receiver with pre out/ power in and plug the ICs in that spot and let it burn while tuned in to a classical or hip hop station . Any thought on those Ideas?
Hi Ratbbb2

I've done similar to what you are thinking. your ideas are valid and have worked for me. I bought a Memorex CDP for $30 from Radioshack and rotated different CDs each day to break-in the ICs. I used various CDs ranging from test disks to classical music discs.

When I did some burn-in with a tuner I would connect the ICs from the tuner to a preamp and set the tuner on shuffle for 2 weeks straight. Where I am there are all sorts of stations that the tuner can pick up. From Jazz, Talk Radio, Classical, Hip Hop classic rock.

I got to break in the cables without going on the roller coaster ride.