break in Dacs - clocks

Hi, in general how many hours need dac for break ?
i saw, the clocks need min. 200 hs.
i bought dac 2 and im burning
My experience with 2 different clocks over the years (Esoteric G-0s and G-03x) is things start to shape up after 200-250 hours but start to allow critical listening around 300-350 hours just like most other equipment. Your clocking cables (generally 75ohm) figure prominently into this as well. If you are upgrading or buying new cables when you put your clock into the system, easiest way to do it is start break in of cables and clock at the same time. Same amount of hours for any 75ohm digital cable is required (IMHO) based upon using them in various HT (for PCM, DD and DTS routing) setups as well as 2-channel (for PCM and for clocking signals...).