Bravi D1 vs SamsungHD931

Two channel guy looking to get a little home theater going. Anybody with experiance with the two units and how they compare?

Also can you run long DVI cable without degradation?

Will be used with a Hitachi 60" lcd projection. Thanks in advance.

There is a lot of information about both of these units over at the AVSForum. Go to and scroll down to DVD player forum. There are likely hundreds of post on this subject.


I have Samsung 931, the picture quality is fantastic!That DVI output really makes a huge difference. I run short DVI cable (3ft)by Monster cable.Few other manufactures make them now too(Betetr cables etc.).Can`t tell u much about Bravo, but there`s 2 reviews of that unit, one on and another in last issue of Stereophile guide to home theater magazine.Hope that will help.
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