Brave man, McGowan...

Brave for sure. This will alienate a bunch of people. All cable haters and snake oilers. Very risky business for Paul to post this in public forum. 
@geoffkait You just made my dog cry. 😭
I’m sorry, but he knows I’m right....Jim
@jhills, "Interesting that those on this forum who have a professional history of working in the scientific/engineering/physics field; those who work or have a long history of working in the engineering/mixing/producing end of making music; those who have a history of building electrical components and have the knowledge and understanding of how they actually work - are the ones continually ridiculed here, when they question someones outlandish, unfound claims of grander, especially when attached to an even more outlandish price tag."

I suspect the driving force behind most of the derision is a purely financial one. 

The problem for those with any vested financial motives engaging in a public forum must be how to resist the temptation of endorsing their own products.

It must be far too easy for them to view any debate as a regular means of free advertising in what is a notorious dog eat dog industry where fortunes often rise and fall on factors little to do with quality.

The last thing they seem to want is an accepted consensus (as you might see in the world of Pro Audio). Hence the endless avoidance of measurement and data combined with endless attempts at obfuscation. All this with both eyes glued on their balance sheets. Impressive stuff!

Ask yourself why else would those running a business devote so much time of their precious time regularly posting online here and elsewhere?
Are their motives entirely altruistic?
Really? Aw bless!

Perhaps also their regular customers might ponder why so many respected manufacturers (Kef, B&W, Harbeth, Magnepan, PMC, Tannoy, Rega, Sony, JBL, ATC, Technics, Creek, NAD etc) never engage in any public debate about products.

They might only speak up on those rare occasions they feel the need to correct some misinformation regarding one of their own products.

Paul Darwin of Rega is particularly good in this respect of being informative online without crossing into morally dubious self-promotion. It really speaks volumes for Rega that they have achieved so much success with so little promotion.

Nah, he’s not brave(Mcgowan), he simply doesn’t care what people think anymore. You don’t like hearing about cable performance? Fine, then don’t listen to it, or read it in this forum.

The people that respond with disagreement are not going to change a thing. Why do you bother? I’ll tell you why, because you can’t handle the idea that you may be wrong. Time to put on the big boy pants and realize that you aren’t all knowing, and neither is anyone else.

Live and let live. Enjoy the hobby instead of trying to mark out your territory. Be willing to experiment once in a while. Life is too short to get upset about what a stranger posted on the internet.
Well said 213 runnin.

It is both annoying and pitiful to see this yammering over and over again.

And to endure the dogma of those that think that everyone is out of step but them. 

It must be nice to think you are the smartest person in the room.   Gosh, what an awesome responsibility.