Brave man, McGowan...

Brave for sure. This will alienate a bunch of people. All cable haters and snake oilers. Very risky business for Paul to post this in public forum. 
Some say that the first person we need to change is ourselves.
teo_audio1,258 posts11-27-2019 9:47am

We’ve really got to try and get past these ’kill all whom I disagree with in order to achieve MY peace’ undercurrents of projections that are masquerading as solutions --- that run rampant in humanity.

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@teo_audio Not trying to be a kill all  - It just seems a lot like someone pushing someone else's $10K power cord to augment their $10K power re-generator and convince us that it takes one to make the other sound good.
Not all, but most designers and engineers who, for many years, have been building high quality amps and audio components, know quite well how to build a power supply. If you need, or think you need, a $10K power re-generator with a $10K power cord to make your $10K amp sound really good - you either need a different amp (one with a properly designed power supply) or you've got problems somewhere else....Jim
I think it might be his polite way of showing that he does not know everything, you don’t know everything, I don’t know everything and..most importantly...

I won't quote whole post but I really agree with you fully. Nice to see such posts here.

On the other hand, he has an irritating habit of saying, I have no idea how it works but work it does! There is no harm in taking a swing at the ball. He already stepped up to the plate, for crying out loud. Is it the fear of striking out? They’re his videos, that’s true, but sometimes he comes across as a little bit dottering.