Braun Audio. Dieter Rams Designer

I just came across this site, amazing stuff, Dieter Rams designs (others also) are quite interesting


don't miss 'Snow White's Coffin (3 designers credited)

hifishark search ’braun’




I wouldn't want it now, but it must have been a really cool system in the context of that time. Thanks.

Though it requires payment, there is an outstanding documentary on Dieter Rams available on Vimeo (also on Amazon). Here's a clip:



I bought a Braun coffee chopper at Design Research, 57th street, NYC 1967 when in college. It still works.



After a lotta years, I wrote them asking for a new blade, got a letter back, one sentence.

"Your unit is obsolete". Not another word.

My brother bought me a blade that didn’t fit, but I learned from that blade: I sharpen the original blade myself, you make the leading edge flat, not tapered,

Fukkkker still works.


I jump about on hifishark for fun. My Tandberg TR2080 died. I’ve been learning all the cool stuff Tandberg made, very wood oriented. Then looking at vintage turntables, somehow a ’Brown’ showed up, got me curious, turned out to be Braun, let me to some cool stuff.

Unfortunately their electronics were never up to the same standards as their design. Collectible more for decoration, I guess…



seems they were involved with a/d/s

some ADS made in germany, then some made in usa???

From what I seem to recall the hifi stuff was phased out by Gliette after they bought Braun in the ‘80s

Also early Mark Levinson optics designs seem influenced by Dieter Rams’ work


I had Braun L200/L300 speakers (Germany) in the mid/late 70's and similar/same models were soon released by ADS in the USA.

Never compared the two 200/300 models (Braun/ADS) in my home system, but in other's they sounded pretty much the same.

As far as Rams goes I did have the little battery powered clock by Braun, which lasted 30+ years.

It was replaced by a lookalike Casio maybe 10 years ago as the Braun's were going for $70+ @ the time.

Both made/make a clicking noise (60 per minute) which I sometimes wake up to in the middle of the night when the ambient noise level is low.

Kind of reassuring that I can still hear it some 40 years on.