Brass Footers for my Technics SL1200 MKII

Bought the KAB wood base for my SL1200 MKII and love the way it looks but I now need new feet. Can anyone suggest some brass footers (that I can attach without screwing) to the bottom of the wood base? Not sure what brand/size I would need. Would like to do this for within a 50-75 dollar budget. Any ideas?



I am sure members on this site will offer other suggestions also.
KAB sells the sorbothane boots ($54) that go underneath the Isonoe. I bought the Isonoe feet, put the table in the wood 'box' and then put the sorbothane boots under the wood. If you don't want to buy the Isonoe feet, you can use your original feet in the 'box' and place the sorbothane underneath. It's a cheap solution. Frankly I don't know how well it works for sound because I left the country before I could listen.

For an even cheaper solution you can use the Isonode rubber pucks under the box for $24 - sold here w/ money back guarantee. Never tried them.
Partsexpress - You can use them /w 3M 2 sided mounting tape
Many thanks for all your suggestions!