Brands that require dealer for service

I have a couple pieces of Linn gear that I like, but one thing I don't like is that Linn requires you to go through your local dealer, if there is one, for any service issues. For equipment I've bought used through the Internet, I find that inconvenient and not a value-added step from my perspective.

I'd like to know what other audio companies require you to use a local dealer for service issues, rather than communicating with and shipping directly to them? This would be a factor in future used equipment purchases.
they are not alone. I agree because the dealer is usually pissed off because you purchased it used and therefore you get alot of attitude usually. Manufacturer should deal directly with the equipment owner for service. believe Wadia usually does and Theta usually require dealer involvement for service
How about Bryston? Anyone know if they deal directly with the customer?
believe they deal directly with the consumer
I can't say what other brands require a dealer for service--your experience with Linn equip. is the first I've heard of that. A lot of mfgs. don't transfer the warranty on used gear, but will still service it.

One thing I do before buying any used gear is to call the mfg. with the SN & just ask a few basic questions, including date of mfg., & what their service rate/policy is. (The only mfg. that has ever gotten "snotty" about that & refused to discuss a used component with me is Krell). You can also glean a lot about their attitude & what it might be like to deal with them should you ever need service.

I also figure in the mfgs. distance from me, esp. with electronics (not so much with speakers), before buying used gear. For instance, I live on the East Coast, so right now I own a lot of C-J & Cary gear. And I've talked to both companies before buying used stuff & found them very helpful. VTL has been helpful over the phone also, but because they're on the opposite coast, I might think twice about buying a huge heavy pair of used VTL mono-blocs.

BTW, from what I know, Bryston is one of the only companies that not only has a 20 year warranty, but it's totally transferable, & their customer service is supposed to be excellent.