Brandi Carlile

Just wondering if anyone has heard the new
Brandi Carlile album entitled The story. I am
playing it constantly and i can't believe this
album slipped under the radar for so many.She
is an excellent songwriter and has suprising
emotional depth for a 25 year old.Production
on the album could have been better (damn you T Bone
Burnett). Lol. However it's less noisy then Raising Sand.
It's also a much better album imho. Anyone who hasn't
heard it can check it out here:
Fantastic album as is her first self titled album. "Production on the album could have been better", that's an understatement! It's among the worst i've heard. It's as bad as the music is good! It's a shame that so much raw talent in the form of music is on a record that is so poorly engineered. Saw her in concert at House of Blues in Hollywood. She's The Boss and Melissa Etheridge combined. One of the best performances i've ever seen.
I agree. The sound engineer should get bamboo lashes.Lol.
I am real jealous you got to see her live Zippyy. The good artists always skip over the city i live in. This is the last straw. I'm moving. Lol. I can't get enough of her. Lila Downs as well. Discovered her by accident. Have you heard of her? If not check out this link.

I always love to share lesser known artists, that i think deserve more recognition then they get.
Can wait for the "reissue" of her album. Unfortunately, I don't think the problems with this recording will ever be able to be corrected. Hopefully, they will get the engineering right on her next record. What city are you in? The only thing about LA that I'd miss would be the music, concerts that is, you can have the rest of it. I'll check out the link. Thanks.
"The Story" is a great CD.
It got tons of airplay on WTMD, Towson , MD..
Brandi has an exceptional sense for melody, her vocal & emotional range reminds me of early Elton John- circa "11-17-70".
I highly reccomend this CD to all pop& rock fans.
There's an older thread on this artist/album, so she hasn't gone completely unnoticed. But, I agree with the others, i.e. th production quality is very poor IMHO. Her voice deserves better.
She was one of the headline artists on the music festival cruise we went on in February. I was not at all familiar with her until the night of her show. She comes out with just a cellist and opens with Elton John's "Sixty Years On." I was floored. Her covers were great, her own songs very very good, her voice amazing, her good taste and maturity -- the whole package just knocked me out. Her encore was a duet with Shawn Colvin (also on the cruise) of Jane Siberry's "Calling All Angels", followed by a solo performance of "Hallelujah." Both of those are overplayed I suppose, but they are still two of my very favorite songs of the past couple of decades and she nailed them. Wow!
Good artist, good show, with good covers. (Rockin 'Folsom Prison Blues' when I saw her.) I may like the first album better, esp. 'Happy.'

If you like Brandi, do check out Shannon McNally, "Geronimo," and Sera Cahoone, self-titled.

She's opening for Sheryl Crow in Moline,IL on 6/3/08.
I-Wireless Center formerly The Mark. Steve
Thanks for that - I loved her first CD and will pick this one up shortly. In the same vein you may also enjoy Mindy Smith, Cat Powers and Feist.
Unfortunately i live in Calgary, Alberta(Canada).
The good shows always go to Toronto and Montreal.
I am planning on moving to the states soon, hopefully
somewhere in California.We just got a couple feet of snow
here the last couple days. Yeesh.
Thanks everyone for the other suggestions. I will look
into them.You can never have too much good music.
here I am late to the party again ;-\ I heard her song "The Story" on the GM commercial during the olympics and immediately hit google.

The whole album ("The Story") is a treat . . . I'm ordering her first cd now. Anyone who hasn't heard her should check it out.
Brandi is one of my favorites! See also her first CD (self-titled), She has awesome passion for her music which comes through clearly in her performance. Check out KT Tunstall, Amy MacDonald, Duffy and Kathleen Edwards' (newest) for similar artists. (all are on vinyl)
Hickory, Is Brandi's album on Vinyl also? If yes, the recording quality any better than CD version?

BTW, If you like Brandi, you would also like Jesse Sykes.
Brandi was in the studio last month in California recording new CD.
The recording isn't bad at all. IMHO, it's definitely better than the average pop/rock recording out there. If you want bad, listen to some U2, Aerosmith, or some of the incredibly compressed and fatiguing recordings such as Sarah Brightman's latest CD Symphony. I don't want people potentially being turned away from Brandi Carlile for fear of a bad recording. Doing so would mean missing out on a great artist. Any recording shortcomings are minor in comparison to the quality of the music.
With T-Bone it will never be overcompressed and the quality of each sound is excellent but his mix is kind of dark and complex with a lot going on. I like his recordings and think they sound great on a nice rig but I do think he should evolve from the similar sound of Plant/Krauss, Brandie Carlile and Melencamp.
Nilthepil: Brandi's second album ("The Story") is on vinyl, but as pointed out by Everest_audio, the recording quality is reasonable, but not stellar. Like a lot of new vinyl, there are periodic pressing-related ticks and pops that are NOT removed by extensive RCM cleaning. I bought two copies, with one sounding a bit better than the other. I am not aware of her first album being on vinyl.

Also, I do like Jesse Sykes. I only have "Reckless Burning" (on vinyl). Any recommendations with her newer releases ("Like Love Lust..." or "Oh My Girl")? Do you know if they are available on vinyl?
I saw Brandi on Austin city limits with Rosanne Cash a few night s ago, immediately ordered "The Story" online. I have heard her before, never really knew who she was, I think she is fabulous. I guess I should pay more attention to this forum! Four years later I see my search here was not in vein. Can't wait to hear her other albums.

Any comments on her other releases if you see this pop up again?

She is touring right now, including a few dates with Dave Mathews. She will be in Ashville at the end of July...hmmm
The Story is the best one and second best is Give up the ghost, in my opinion. I also have her first cd and it's just ok. She also has a brand spankin new cd out- came out this month! I can't comment because I haven't heard it yet. I saw her in concert last year and she put out an awesome concert. She opened for Ray Lamontagne. I'm planning on seeing her again this year in Southern Oregon at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville.
The recording really is very poor in my opinion, and I listen to it far less than I otherwise would. I hope she will do an all acoustic version one day with someone who knows what they are doing.
She's on Craig Ferguson tonight, will have to record it.
She did "Raise Hell" which I have not heard before: loved it! Ok, just realized I called her "fabulous" and just said "loved it!" Use the right inflection and it sounds like that movie critic sketch from "In Living Color"!
Brandi does a nice show; when I saw her, she covered "Folsom Prison Blues" and "Madman across the Water" in addition to her own stuff. Recommended.

I like the first two discs a lot, the third not so much. My recollection is of forgettable recording quality, as others have noted.

Missed the Asheville show, but I have tickets for Nov. 2 in Charlotte!
Finally saw her last night, and honestly...she exceeded my highest expectations! What an awesome act she has evolved into, one of the best shows I have had the pleasure to attend. Will see her again sometime!