Brandenburg concertos on vinyl

I've been searching all over for Trevor Pinnock/English Concert's Brandenburg Concertos on vinyl. I found Concertos 4,5,6 on Ebay today and snapped it up...but anyone know where I might find 1,2,3?
Those used to be all over when they came out, I remember them. But come to think of it, I haven't seen them in a very long time.
If you can't find Pinnock's Brandenbrug Concetos have you considered Christopher Hogwood's performance recorded with period instruments and strings? It is fantastic sounding; the strings are very melodic; my favorite Brandenburgs. These for sale from the Archiv label look interesting. I have always enjoyed this label's recordings.
This is the Hogwood I am referring you to. I have it on LP, but it is a digital recording I believe. I like the sound of the strings on this version. are listing the Concerto's 1 thru 3, on Decca, ECO with Benjamin Britten conducting. This used to be rated pretty highly prior to the Hogwood recordings.
I usually try GEMM: