Brand preferences and music styles

Happy spring everyone !

 I’m new to the audiophile world but have been a player and collector of guitars and amps for 
most of my life so I have what I believe a decent ear for tone. 
My apologies if this topic has been discussed at length already. I’d like to hear anyone’s thoughts and experiences with music styles and component brands. 


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It depends...I believe products are improving at a pace that can result in a new product having great sound and quality and some of the legacy brands can go up and down in terms of reputation as well as ability to produce.

I personally don’t buy musical styles impact the the equipment - I listen to a variety of music ranging from yacht rock, rap, heavy metal, electronic, blues, new wave jazz and I haven’t noticed any equipment I have owned or sampled sound good in one and not another but that’s my opinion and you may have a different experience.

I encourage you to listen and audition any manufacturer if you receive believable claims because it may suit your tastes.