Brand of wiring for dedicated circuits?

I am looking to add 3 20amps dedicated circuits for my system. I am wondering what is a great brand of wiring to use? From what I understand, I should use 10 guage, solid (vs stranded) wire.

Thanks in advance.
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Tboooe, check out Virtual Dynamics.

I believe JPS also offers bulk wire for residential use.
Thanks islandear. Do you know if the JPS cables are solid core? This is not specified on the website.
It's stranded.
JPS are stranded. My electrician raised an eyebrow when I handed him a spool of this 'boutique cable' (his words) but he found it extraordinarily easy to route and install. In fact, he expressed an interest until I told him the price.

Thanks Kal and Fsarc. Do you know the price per foot? The Virtual Dynamics is $12/ft. What other non "boutique" cables are good options?
JPS Labs= $18/ft. $5.90/ft Very $$$$

A few more may come to mind.
The second link was supposed to be this one. Sorry.